'Growing up enchanted #1' to be released in July

Press Release

Too Hip Gotta Go Graphics is pleased to announce the July release of the premiere issue of Growing Up Enchanted.

Growing up is hard to do anywhere. Growing up ENCHANTED is even harder to do in the town of Anywhere! Join Olianna the baby sorceress and her family & friends as she tries to learn life's mundane lessons while practicing magic in a world of giants, trolls, and dragons! Lesson number one - enjoying the finer points of school; getting along with her sorceress mother and knightly father; and finally, last but not least, controlling her urges to kill her baby brother a.k.a. pain-in-the-butt, Anto!

Growing Up Enchanted is a new ongoing series by writer Jack Briglio and artist Alex Szewczuk. Artist Alex Szewczuk is an Emmy Award winning veteran of the television animation industry. His previous comics work includes Sleeping Dragons, which garnered him a nomination for the 2001 Russ Manning Award.

An adventure story about growing up for all ages - if you like Leave It To Chance, Amelia Rules!, or Bone, then you'll love Growing UpEnchanted!

For a sneak peek of Growing Up Enchanted #1 visit us on the web at:http://www.wahoomorris.com/oli/index.html

Growing Up Enchanted is a 32 page, bi-monthly, black & white, standard size comic book with color covers. Retail price is $2.95. Available through Diamond Comic Distributors.

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