Grossman's The Magicians Return for New Story in Comic Miniseries

Lev Grossman's fantasy series The Magicians in a comic miniseries published by BOOM! Studios. The five-issue comic titled The Magicians, which is by writer Lilah Sturges and illustrator Pius Bak, releases in November.

The comic will tell the story of a whole new generation of magicians enrolling at Brakebills College. However, these new students aren't any regular magic users: they are hedge magicians, rule-breaking practitioners of unsanctioned magic. The older students aren't happy to see these outcasts arrive at their prestigious school, and tensions start to rise between the two groups of students. At the same time, a threat bigger than anyone can imagine is lurking at Brakebills.

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"The Magicians universe is deep and rich and there are so many places and stories that the books just never got to. Lilah and Pius are going to take us there -- with me kibitzing over their shoulders -- and it's going to be incredible," said Grossman.

You can see art for the series below.

Lev Grossman's The Magicians started as an adult fantasy book series in 2009. It tells about Quentin Coldwater, a young man who gets to attend a secret magic college in New York. The award-winning books were adapted into a television series by Syfy. Lilah Sturges and Pius Bak are also behind the original The Magicians graphic novel Alice's Story, which is now available.

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The Magicians #1 will be available November 6.

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