Mind Your Banner: The 15 Grossest Things The Hulk Has Ever Done

The Hulk is Marvel's wildcard. When created, it was to create a sort of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type of hero. Since then, Hulk has grown a bit more heroic over the years, with only the occasional questionable act. That said, this monster is no stranger to instilling fear in the public or grossing out comic readers across the world. Even the MCU knows that Hulk can cause some serious problems. Avengers: Age of Ultron hinged on the fact that Hulk, when not in his right mind, could destroy an entire city without a second thought. However, Marvel has toned down some of the more sinister acts of Bruce Banner's alter ego.

The reality is that the writers of the comics have been willing to be a little creative with the Hulk over the years. While the Earth-616 version isn't totally guilty of disgusting acts, it's other variations that have caused more problems. With that in mind, these gross acts weren't done by just one Hulk -- but multiple across the Multiverse as a whole. With that out of the way, let's hope you have a strong stomach as we explore the 15 grossest things that the Incredible Hulk has ever done.


"Old Man Logan" showed us a Marvel Universe that was changed forever. After the death of nearly every major superhero in the world, the villains were now in charge, and Wolverine was one of the last heroes left. He vowed to never pop his claws again, though, until the Hulk Gang came and murdered his family out of boredom. This led him to hunt down every member of the gang before he came to the big boss, Dr. Bruce Banner.

However, Banner was much stronger and more monstrous this time around. Being three stories tall, he seemingly beat Logan by swallowing him alive. However, Logan wasn't going to go down that easily. Using his claws, he cut through the Hulk's insides before tearing himself out.


The Abomination is one of the Hulk's greatest rivals. Having the same serum that gave Bruce Banner his monstrous abilities, the Abomination always seemed to be in more control of his actions than the Hulk, but just used them to destroy rather than help. Because of this, we've seen the two trade punches for decades (including in The Incredible Hulk movie).

However, Hulk had just about enough of his rival's nonsense in the Ultimate Universe. Abomination injected himself with the Hulk serum in the hopes of being able to easily defeat Bruce. That said, the Green Giant was ready for him. He punched off the Abomination's jaw and killed him quickly. Then, he finished off the battle by eating the Abomination. Talk about adding insult to injury.


In the Ultimate Universe, Hulk was more of a villain than a hero. He was unhinged and willing to cause all sorts of destruction, without the level of restraint that we've seen from his Earth-616 counterpart. Because of this, a team consisting of Captain America, Iron Man, Giant-Man, and the Wasp worked together to stop his rampage in the city.

After the first three heroes did their best to detain the Hulk, it was the Wasp's time to get his attention. She did this by removing her top and showing her "form" to the Hulk. After comparing herself to Betty Ross, the Wasp succeeded in her efforts and successfully grabbed the Hulk's attention. It's a bit of a weird move, but it's not entirely out of left field for comics.


One corner of the Multiverse is more sinister than all the rest -- the Marvel Zombies Universe. In this reality, there was a virus spread throughout the world that turned people into zombies. It wasn't long before the entire world, including all of the Marvel superheroes, were turned into flesh-eating zombies.

While many of them were quite terrifying, there were none scarier than the Hulk Zombie himself. Having a much more ravenous appetite for flesh, he would kill whomever he wanted just to get another meal. This led him to clash with a lot of the other zombies. One conflict in particular showed him stomping on Iron Man's head and smashing it in a matter of seconds. After that, he ate one of his fellow Marvel Zombies.


During the "Old Man Logan" storyline, we got a look at what the Marvel Universe would be like if most of the heroes died and the villains took over. Part of the repercussions was that Bruce Banner didn't wanted to remain largely in hiding and keep his bloodline pure. Because of this, he decided to have relations with the only other gamma-radiated being at the time -- his cousin, She-Hulk.

The specific details aren't well-known, but the results were infamous. Their relationship resulted in the Hulk Gang. This group of awful beings was full of crazy individuals, likely an unfortunate consequence of being inbred. It added a level of depth to the world of Old Man Logan, but we can't say that it's something we remember fondly. We're glad something like this wasn't explored in Logan.


Hulk is one of the strongest Marvel characters ever made, and there are few times where he has to remind the audience of that. If left to his own devices, Hulk could essentially end the entire world if he wanted to without missing a beat. In one alternate reality, he actually did it. That said, it didn't happen because he was feeling particularly evil that day. Instead, he was starting to go insane and took it out on all of his former comrades.

One by one, the Avengers and X-Men fell until it was just a much older and stronger Hulk left over. Essentially being the ruler of the world, he ditched the name Hulk and replaced with Maestro. Since then, Maestro has been a terrifying villain in Marvel Comics, and has gone against other future heroes like Spider-Man 2099.


In the Ultimate Universe, the Hulk was a much more sadistic creature than in Earth-616. Because of this, Bruce Banner was intent on not losing control and maintaining his human form for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, he didn't have it easy. It seemed that every part of his life was out to get him and that the universe wanted him to lose his cool. Because of this, he eventually lost it and willingly chose to become the Hulk again.

This time, though, he wanted to be even stronger. Instead of just injecting himself with the Gamma radiation, he also added Captain America's blood to the mix to give himself a touch of the Super Soldier serum as well. The result was a Hulk stronger than anything we'd read about prior, and it took the might of the Avengers to fight him.


One of the reasons that the Ultimate Universe Hulk was such a disturbed individual was because of his relationship. We all know Bruce Banner as the man who loves Betty Ross, but she wasn't the same in the Ultimate Universe. In that reality, she was abusive, selfish, and fit every stereotype for a terrible girlfriend. Because Bruce willingly subjected himself to her torment, it made him more vulnerable.

After she essentially left him, that was one event that spurred Bruce to become the Hulk again. However, once he turned evil and sadistic as his alter ego, Betty found him to be much more attractive. Because of this, Bruce was all the more eager to embrace his darker side just to please a woman who would never love him. It's not visually gross, but it's mentally disgusting.


Betty Ross was an unhinged woman in the Ultimate Universe. She was abusive and nasty to poor Bruce Banner, and her actions helped turned him into the murderous Hulk in that world. However, push came to shove after Bruce began killing without mercy. It just so happened that Betty ended up injecting herself with the same serum that turned Banner into the Hulk. She became that universe's incarnation of She-Hulk.

She was sent to fight the Hulk after Wolverine failed to kill him. However, when she revealed to Banner who she really was, the fighting seemingly stopped. Instead, they surrendered to their romantic desires and had a physical encounter that would shake the very earth. Poor and unfortunate Wolverine was forced to watch as he was immobilized at the time.


Ultimate Hulk is the source of a lot of problems and, consequently, a lot of entries on this list. Banner had a hard time controlling his more gruesome alter ego in that reality, but it got worse once he decided that it was okay to let the beast roam free. This led to a murderous rampage that makes Hulk's outburst in The Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron look like a two-year old's temper tantrum.

Hulk moved through an entire city, crushed buildings, and murdered hundreds of innocent people along the way. The intervention of the Avengers was the only thing that managed to stop his killing spree, but the damage was already done. He had crushed over 800 people in this one fit alone. From that point on, the heroes knew Banner needed to be contained.


"World War Hulk" was one of the most interesting stories that the Hulk has ever had the pleasure of being given. It followed his journey to save the planet, Sakaar, after becoming the gladiator champion there. His wife was killed by the explosion of the rocket that the Illuminati originally locked Hulk in to evacuate him from the planet. He then blamed his old comrades and invaded Earth.

Marvel seems to like the idea of "World War Hulk", as they're going to try it again with "World War Hulk II"This time, Amadeus Cho (otherwise known as the Totally Awesome Hulk), has completely had his personality changed after going to Sakaar. When coming back to Earth, he won't be the same nerdy kid that we knew originally.


After the Hulk became a serious problem in the Ultimate Universe, Professor X had one idea of how to bring him down: by sending Wolverine after him. The master tracker then went on a long journey to find Dr. Banner until he succeeded. Hulk knew that this battle was coming and the two duked it out for a while.

Despite Wolverine's Adamantium claws and his tactical experience, he was no match for this stronger  and much more angry version of the Hulk. The battle ended by the monster picking up Logan and ripping him in half at the waist in one of Marvel's most memorable images. The comic that holds this event opens with a torn Wolverine reminiscing about the fight that just took place. After that, the Hulk ripped him apart again.


The Hulk embraced a more animalistic side in the Ultimate Universe, and he was prepared to do whatever it took to ensure that his goals were met. After Banner allowed his emotions to run rampant in the Hulk, he took out his rage on several villains in the world. After fighting them, the battles would often end with him killing them. However, there were several times where he would respond by eating them.

The Ultimate Universe is no stranger to showing characters eating each other (looking at you, Blob), but to have the Hulk do it consistently in one reality is quite gruesome to watch. He even tried to eat several Marvel heroes and would have succeeded if there weren't others that were fighting him at the same time.


Miek was the slimiest member of Hulk's Warbound from "Planet Hulk"After working with him to be the savior of Sakaar, he allowed some radicals to blow up the rocket and kill Hulk's wife in the process just so more war could happen. After the events of "World War Hulk", he was placed in the Negative Zone. That wasn't the last we would see of the insect, though.

Miek would later return after getting out of prison and traveling to the Savage Lands. Having grown much larger and gaining the ability to reproduce, Miek decided to lay eggs in the Hulk's chest to guarantee that they would be safe. However, the Hulk didn't like it a single bit and ripped open his own chest to remove the eggs.


After Miek ruined his entire life in "World War Hulk", he swore vengeance against the one he used to call "king." Once he traveled to the Savage Lands, he heard that the Hulk had returned and vowed that he would kill the giant. Having grown much stronger since the last time they were together, Miek actually posed a threat to the Incredible Hulk.

Later on, Skarr (Hulk's son), showed up for the fight. Miek tried to force Skaar to fight his father, but Hulk wasn't having any of it. First, he chopped off one of the bug's arms before punching him into a volcano and then a sheet of ice. This was where Miek finally met his end at the hands of the Hulk and accepted his defeat. Definitely not one of the smartest moves to target the strongest Avenger.

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