Groom makes big wedding entrance with Batman at his side

Disappointed that he couldn't rent the actual Batmobile for his wedding, Amit Patel turned on the Bat-Signal and ended up with something better: an escort by the Dark Knight himself. Well, a Dark Knight, in any case.

The Huffington Post Canada notes that in many Gujarati-Hindu weddings, the arrival of the groom with his friends and family is often an event in itself. Some make their grand entrance atop a rented elephant, while others opt for a horse (as suggested by Patel's wife), but this Toronto groom wanted no part of that.

"I was strongly opposed to both, since the last thing I needed was to embarrass myself on video taking a tumble off of one of them or having a runaway groom on an animal," the 30-year-old Patel told the website. Hiring Ontario's Brampton Batman for $500, he instead surprised about 600 guests by arriving in a replica of the 1989 Batmobile, with the Caped Crusader at his side.

"She could hear the excitement from the bridal room in the hall," Patel said, "so I think I did my part."

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