Grimm Legacy Novels to be Adapted for Disney's Streaming Service

The Grimm Legacy novel series is in the process of being adapted as a feature for Disney's forthcoming streaming service, Disney+, and the House of Mouse is aiming for it to be the next major franchise.

Deadline reports Irish writer and director David Gleeson is tasked with writing the screenplay based on the trilogy of young adult books by Polly Shulman. Evan Shapiro (a producer on Portlandia) will co-produce, along with Jane Goldenring.

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Grimm Legacy consists of the books The Grimm Legacy, The Wells Bequest and The Poe Estate. The first book was released in 2010. The Librarians-meets-Harry Potter adventure follows teens working in the old New York Circulating Material Repository, a library specialized in lending magic items.

David Gleeson is the writer of the upcoming Tolkien, a biography of Lord of the Rings and Hobbit writer J. R. R. Tolkien starring Nicholas Hoult of 20th Century Fox's X-Men films and Lily Collins. He also directed the supernatural thriller Don't Go, which stars Blade's Stephen Dorff and 30 Days of Night's Melissa George.

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Disney+ is expected to launch later this year. No casting or release has been announced yet for Grimm Legacy.

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