Grimm Fairy Tales #31


After the tragic death of his wife, a single father has only his young son left in this world. It is a bond that can never be shattered, but what if your son isn't really the boy you thought he was? Two stories mirror one another in this disturbing yet fascinating tale of fatherhood and what lengths a man will go to in order to protect his son.

With incredible artwork by David Seidman (/Se7en/, /The Straw Men/) and Dave Hoover (/Amazing Spider-Man/, /Captain America/) you never knew a wooden puppet could be this terrifying until now.

*Diamond Order Codes:*

Issue #31 Pinocchio Part 1 - *JUL084387*

Issue #32 Pinocchio Part 2 - *AUG084449*

The first part, issue 31 ships in mid to late September, the second part (issue 32) in mid to late November.

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