'Grimjack' to make a return?

[Grimjack]It seems that "Grimjack" could soon return to comic store shelves after twenty years.

John Ostrander and Timothy Truman both confirmed to CBR News that they are currently in talks to develop a new "Grimjack" series for a yet-to-be-determined publisher. Ostrander told CBR News on Wednesday, "We're in negotiations. We've been in negotiations before. What form would it take if everything works out? That depends on where we land for a publisher. While we have an extremely strong fan base still for the character, we'd have to re-establish ourselves. I have thoughts on how to do it but it will depend on how things turn out with the negotiations."

Artist Tim Truman also spoke to CBR News about the project. "John Ostrander is making lots of headway in securing rights to do a new 'Grimjack'series,'" said Truman. "Keep your fingers crossed".

In addition, Ostrander and Truman plan to re-release trade and hard-bound editions of previous "Grimjack" adventures for fans who haven't yet been introduced the character. Ostrander provided more details regarding re-print possibilities. "I think some sort of reprint in collected form is a must and would do very well. While I would love hard bounds, I also would want them to be accessible price-wise to new readers who might want to catch up on the back story. I think this would be an important element of the re-launch, if we have one. And I think there are publishers who are interested."

Back when First Comics debuted Ostrander and Truman's visionary work under the title of "Grimjack" there wasn't much else in the mainstream comic book industry to compare it to. In many ways, the hard-edged character introduced in that title was what paved the way for the introduction of the modern anti-hero. "Way more than he's ever given credit for," Truman says. "It wasn't solely responsible for the 'grim and gritty' movement, but it was absolutely one of the main instigators. 'Grimjack' preceded Miller's 'Dark Knight' by almost a year. It preceded 'Ronin,' for that matter. It preceded 'Watchmen.' It preceded the successful run of 'The Punisher,' and I'm quite sure that it was responsible for Marvel even resurrecting the character. As far as mainstream or indy color comics go, 'Grimjack' sliced a swath right through the side of the envelope."

For artist Timothy Truman, working on the now out of print sci-fi comic was something he'll never forget. "'Grimjack' was my dream project, in many ways. It summed up everything I'm into: fantasy, science fiction, weirdness, comedy, and tough guys. I'd love to do 'Grimjack' again.

"Luckily, with 'Scout' and 'Grimjack,' John Ostrander and I have two strong, respected properties that still have a following, even after all these years. Many creators and properties really don't have that sort of advantage, when you think about it".

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