Grifter Returns in "Futures End" and More from DC's May 2014 Solicitations

DC Comics' freshly released May 2014 solicitations revealed much more about upcoming weekly series "The New 52: Futures End," including the appearance of a character not previously known to be involved in the series: Grifter, originally part of DC co-publisher Jim Lee's Wildstorm Universe.

The Wildstorm characters have been incorporated into the DC Universe since the start of the New 52 era in September 2011, but each title starring a Wildstorm character -- including "Grifter," "Voodoo" and "Team 7" -- has been cancelled, with "Stormwatch" set to end in April. Yet with Grifter front and center on the cover of May's "The New 52: Futures End" #1 and Stormwatch mentioned in the solicitation for #4 ("whatever happened to Stormwatch?"), Wildstorm characters will maintain a presence at DC for the foreseeable future.

"Teen Titans" ends in April, but Red Robin shows up in the solicitations for both of DC's new weekly series. The solicitation for "Futures End" #4 asks, "Where is Red Robin?" and "Batman: Eternal" #5, also out in May, promises a major role for Tim Drake: "Red Robin takes center stage in a major Gotham City mystery that has Harper and Cullen Row caught in the crosshairs!"

May's "Justice League" #31 looks to explore the fallout of currently unfolding event series "Forever Evil" -- both stories are written by DC's chief creative officer Geoff Johns -- with the promise of a new, female Power Ring. (A male Power Ring, part of the Crime Syndicate, plays a central role in "Forever Evil.")

DC attracted publicity last year by introducing a new version of Lobo in a "Villains Month" one-shot, but a much more traditional take on the character is set to appear in May's "Red Hood and the Outlaws" #31, by Will Pfeifer and Rafa Sandoval: "The Outlaws come face to face with the bounty hunter calling himself Lobo, but no one's who they appear to be as Red Hood and Starfire endeavor to save Arsenal from the Main Man."

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