Grendel, Comic Book The Movie, Iron Man, more: Comic Reel Wrap for January 6th


DKCrouch emailed the Comic Reel with a note from the Hollywood Reporter, noting that John Wells Productions (the makers of "ER" and "The West Wing") have optioned the "Grendel" property from Matt Wagner. Carl Lund is reported to be writing the script, focusing on Christine Spar from "Grendel: Devil's Legacy." Dark Horse Entertainment and Arsenal Entertainment were previously involved with adapting "Grendel" to the big screen, with Hans Rodionoff on scripting duties, and now all these parties (save Rodionoff) will work with Wells on the unified production.


Daniel DeFabio emailed the Comic Reel to let us know that this Sunday, January 11, fans can meet Donna D'Errico, Jess Harnell, Roger Rose, Daran Norris and producer Scott Zakarin at the monthly Comic Book and Sci Fi Convention at the Shrine. The film itself will be previewed in two sneak peek screenings at Laemelle's Sunset 5 on January 14, with times TBA. Next, they've posted an exclusive video clip of Stan Lee talking about the importance of sidekicks.


Tom Cruise still wants to slide into some shiny bits of armor -- Empire Online talked to the world's most dangerous movie star, and he said he'd still love to be Tony Stark. "He's a fascinating character," Cruise said, "but we've got to figure out how it's going to work. And everyone is doing a Marvel character these days. How do we make that new, create something fresh where it doesn't feel like, 'Oh, here comes another superhero story'?"


Jessica Biel told The Calgary Sun about her vampire-slaying role in the Wesley Snipes-fueled sequel. "If I was going to play a female action star I wanted to look like one and perform like one. My character couldn't just be skin and bones so I bulked up. I want people to believe I could lift a guy up and kick him around a room. It will be a whole new look for me."


Another day, another guest voice announced. Comics Continuum notes that veteran actor Michael York (Basil Exposition from "Austin Powers") will portray Ares, God of War on the animated series. He previously provided the voice of Count Vertigo in "Batman: The Animated Series."


The same page at Comics Continuum notes details about the January 19th episode, including a good number of photos, showing the scantily-clad cast.


Horn.is has some fascinating news about the new Bat film. Unfortunately, it's written in Icelandic, which most people can't read. Superherohype figured it out that Icelandic production company Saga Film is paving the way for Christopher Nolan, Christian Bale and the rest of the cast and crew to shoot for two weeks just a short drive from scenic Reykjavik.


UK fans checked out "The Spider-Man Story" on ITV, a documentary which chronicled the long journey of Peter Parker to the silver screen. Including footage from the 1960s cartoon, the 1970s live action TV series, the 1990s cartoon and some shots from the Tobey Maguire film. Kirsten Dunst reportedly said that she'd already signed on for "Spider-Man 3" as well.


MI6 has a series of photos of Michael Madsen as Wallace Sebastian Blount in the French comic book adaptation.


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