"Gremlins" Director's "Legends of Tomorrow" Story Set in "Late 1950s"

With time travel playing an integral role in the CW's "Legends of Tomorrow," it seems as if no time period is off limits for the show's ragtag cast of heroes. We already know they'll be traveling to the future as well as the Wild West, and they'll definitely make a few pitstops in the 20th century as well.

While speaking with TV Line, executive producer Marc Guggenheim spoke about a trip to the late 1950s -- a course that will be guided by "Gremlins" director Joe Dante.

"And sometimes you just get lucky too," said Guggenheim, speaking to the perfect pairing of director with era. "Joe Dante is directing an episode that takes place in the late 1950s. We didn't write the episode to take place in the late 1950s because Joe Dante was directing it, but damn if he is not the perfect director to realize that era, especially since we're doing an Amblin-style version of the late 50s." Guggenheim is of course referencing Amblin Entertainment, Steve Spielberg's production company that's responsible for movies like "Gremlins," the "Back to the Future" trilogy, "Goonies" and more.

Dante's episode will be the eighth episode of "Legends of Tomorrow's" first season, which is titled "Night of the Hawk." Knowing that the episode is set in the '50s and features "Hawk" in the title, there are a number of possibilities about who could appear in the episode. Of course both Hawkman and Hawkgirl are on the team, and most likely have counterparts in the late '50s as they are constantly reincarnated. It's also been reported that "LOT" is looking to cast Connor Hawke as a possible alternate version of Green Arrow, but that character has no ties to the 1950s.

Considering the era and episode title, it's possible that "Night of the Hawk" could serve as the debut of Lady Blackhawk, a trained soldier and pilot that debuted in 1959's "Blackhawk" #133. The comic book character even has time-travel in her history, as the late '50s version of Lady Blackhawk traveled forward in time during the 1994 event "Zero Hour." Executive producer Greg Berlanti has also expressed a desire to increase the diversity of the "Legends" team, and introducing Lady Blackhawk could do just that.

"[S]ince we started out doing 'Arrow' and since, diversity has been we've said, and we'll say it again, our heroes are only they need to represent the people that they're saving, and the world isn't singularly white," said Berlanti during a presentation at the 2016 TCAs. "And so, yeah, that's a desire. It makes the storytelling more interesting. It allows for us to go to more interesting places and keep working with better and better talent. That being said, I think everybody can take things even further. I don't think we, by any means, look at this ensemble and think it's even as diverse as it should be or could be even another two or three years from now in front of and behind the camera. That's a real I think it's a real conversation point right now in Hollywood because it should be, and people should be talking about it and doing as much as they can to change the landscape."

"Legends of Tomorrow" debuts on the CW on Thursday, January 21.

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