Grell, Moline and More Helped by Hero Initiative

Legendary comic creator Mike Grell wrote and drew some of the greatest heroes in comics -- from the creator of The Warlord to the team-ups of Green Arrow and Green Lantern -- so when he needed a hero of his own, he found one in the Hero Initiative.

As reported by ABC2 News, Grell -- a longtime supporter of the charity that provides financial aid to creators in need -- was diagnosed with cellulitis two years ago and spent 17 days in the hospital. As a freelancer without medical insurance, he found himself unable to afford both rent and his medical bills.

Thankfully, the Hero Initiative was there to help.

"It took exactly one phone call," Grell told ABC2. "These guys make it easy, painless. They are the real heroes."

Grell isn't the only creator the 15-year-old character has assisted recently. They've been helped colorist Tanya Horie -- diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis -- on and off for the past two years, and both she and her husband lost their home in the market crash of 2008. The charity not only helped with their health insurance but also made sure the comic book creative couple have a place to live.

"It's not every single month -- I try to get work when I can," Horie said to ABC2. "But without income, I can't pay for my medications, and without medications, I can't stay healthy. I would go backwards."

Karl Moline -- the co-creator of Fray alongside Joss Whedon -- also sought and received help after a loophole in his Medicare coverage left him unable to afford medication after receiving a kidney and panceas transplant.

"They saved my life," Moline said.

To show your support and donate, check out The Hero Initiative's website.

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