Greg Rucka Departs DC Comics

As you might have heard, Greg Rucka is not going to be working at DC Comics for the foreseeable future.

This, of course, means that Rucka is no longer going to be able to continue the fantastic work he's been doing on Batwoman and the Question. Heck, this puts Batwoman's future at DC totally into question, as Rucka had previously noted that Batwoman would be finishing her run in Detective Comics soon, but that she would be getting her own ongoing title by the regular creative team of Rucka and the brilliant JH Williams III.

Now I don't know WHAT will be going on with the character.

As you might imagine, with such an announcement, all sorts of conclusions have been leaped to, and I think that's pretty unfair, as we really don't know anything except what Rucka himself has said, which is that he wanted to tell the stories that HE wanted to tell, and he was getting complacent at DC Comics. And honestly, while it is a shame that we will not see anymore Rucka Batwoman or Question, if that means more great independent works from Rucka like his current Stumptown (or his past Queen and Country), then this is probably a net positive for us as comic book readers!

Now if only they would just give Eric Trautmann the opportunity to take over from Rucka on all of Rucka's titles, then I would be totally set! New Rucka original books and great Trautmann writing on Rucka's old books! Win/win!

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