Greg Pak Writing New James Bond Ongoing Series

James Bond is reporting for duty with a new creative team at the helm.

The iconic British super spy gets a new ongoing comic book series this November written by Greg Pak with art by Marc Laming in James Bond 007. The duo are joined by colorist Triona Farrell, letterer Ariana Maher, and editor Nate Cosby with the title published through Dynamite Entertainment and Ian Fleming Publications Ltd.

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"I'm thrilled to have the chance to play with these classic characters, giving them the biggest surprises, the funnest toys, and the wildest plot twists we can come up with -- and maybe even a surprisingly moving emotional endgame," explained Pak. "And I'm hugely excited about this creative team, with Marc Laming giving us that sleek action and character work he does so well! Can't wait 'til we can show you what we're cooking up!"

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The new series has 007 track a smuggler to Singapore to recover a dangerous package only to cross paths with a mysterious Korean man looking to obtain the contents for himself. As the two men face each other in the shadows, they also find themselves targeted by the terrorist organization ORU and marked for death.

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"I couldn't be more excited to be working on a James Bond book with Greg Pak, Nate Cosby, and Dynamite," revealed Laming. "I have loved Greg's work since first reading Planet Hulk and Nate is one of my favourite collaborators in comics, he always brings such enthusiasm and positivity to every project he works on. And it's BOND!"

Dynamite acquired the license to publish James Bond comics from Ian Fleming Publications in 2014, marking the first time official comics with the British secret agent had been published in twenty years. Since then, the titles have been well received by longtime fans and new readers alike with the new series looking to continues the adventures of 007.

James Bond 007 launches this November written by Greg Pak with art by Marc Laming. The debut issue features covers by Laming, Rafael Albuquerque, John Cassady, and Dave Johnson.

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