Greg Pak, Phil Noto Taking Over Star Wars Comic


Planet Hulk writer Greg Pak and Uncanny X-Force artist Phil Noto will take over on Marvel's Star Wars comic with issue #68 in July.

"It's a dream come true," Pak said at Star Wars Celebration in Chicago. "It's the same process, though. When you're working with an established storyline, you're trying to find a niche that doesn't contradict anything... but does something new and fun... and then to get to the core of the characters in some fun way... We get to play with a lot more characters, all together."

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"There are a lot of other probes across the galaxy. What are they doing?" Pak said. "They launch three desperate missions to try and thwart these droids... There are certain pairings we don't see that often... We do have Chewie and 3PO teaming up, for example."

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"Han gets tricked into [the mission] because they need 'the best pilot,'" he continued. "So everybody has to pair up, and yes, Han and Leia get paired up together. Luke and R2 end up stranded on a planet." Pak also revealed Luke and R2's story will have a Western vibe, while Han and Leia's story is more like a gangster film.

Journalist Bria LaVorgna shared a look at the cover and interior art for Pak and Noto's first issue on Twitter.

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Writer Kieron Gillen and artist Angel Unzueta's next issue of Star Wars will hit shelves May 1.

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