Greg Pak Makes His Marvel - Signs Exclusively With Publisher

In September of 2004, Marvel introduced filmmaker Greg Pak ("Robot Stories") to the comic industry by having him write a series called "Warlock." Since that time, they've kept him working steadily with projects such as "X-Men: Phoenix - Endsong," "Marvel Nemesis: The Imperfects," and "Iron Man: House of M." Later this summer, he will also be following up Neil Gaiman's "1602" with "1602: New World." As Pak seems to be leaving his imprint on the Marvel universe, it appears Marvel wishes to leave their imprint on him as well and have signed the writer to an exclusive contract.

Upon being offered this opportunity, Pak told CBR News, "I was thrilled. I've learned a huge amount from all the editors and artists at Marvel and it feels great to know I'll be able to keep working with them on these incredible characters."

Pak now belongs to the Marvel Universe, and in a sense, part of it belongs to him now, too. When asked if there were any characters he was itching to write, Pak said, "I'm a sucker for all of the classic Marvel characters. And I've been lucky enough to have had a shot at working with many of them through various miniseries. Right now I'm particularly excited about the upcoming '1602: New World' for giving me the chance to explore the Hulk, who's always been one of my favorite comic book heroes."

Looking at Pak's previous titles, he has mainly written miniseries. Now that he's exclusive, one anticipates he will be working on an ongoing book. To this, Pak could only say, "Can't spill the beans, but we're talking about some possibilities which make me very, very happy."

As mentioned, Pak comes from the world of filmmaking, so he is used to a freelance lifestyle where people take jobs as needed to get by day-to-day. With this new exclusive deal, he hopes to have more time to work on those projects he is passionate about. "Writing comics has kept me very busy over the last year, but I'm always working on new short and feature film projects." Pak explained. "In the long term, the hope is that the comics work will feed into film work and vice-versa."

Since he is a filmmaker, CBR News asked if Pak would ever consider working on a Marvel film if given the opportunity. His response? "Absolutely, I'd love the chance to work on a Marvel movie. I'm fixated on the Hulk these days, so he'd be my first pick. But there are dozens of Marvel characters whose backstories and powers provide great material for cinematic, emotionally resonant, and metaphorically powerful moviemaking."

From speaking with Pak, his enthusiasm for this opportunity is readily apparent. With regards to what fans can expect next from the new Marvel-exclusive Pak, the writer said, "'1602: New World' hits stands in August, with tremendous art by Greg Tocchini and gorgeous covers by Sergio Toppi. Meanwhile, 'Iron Man: House of M' and 'Marvel Nemesis: The Imperfects' are on stands even as we chat."

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