Greg Pak Issues a "Storm" Warning for the X-Men's Ororo Munroe

Cyclops, Havok, Wolverine and Magneto may all fancy themselves as the leaders of mutantkind -- but when it comes to choosing a single mutant who could take charge and lead the merry mutants into a brighter era...? The only member of the X-Men who hasn't buckled under the pressure or revealed major character flaws, making her both the best and most logical choice, is Storm. As one of the most powerful mutants in the Marvel Universe, Ororo Munroe is an inspiring figure to whole generations of mutants, and her oratory skills are second to none.

Fans have wanted to see Storm headline her own series for years and, despite previously starring in two miniseries, the last of which was released in 2006, Marvel had never acquiesced. That all changed following the publisher's X-Men panel at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, where it was announced writer Greg Pak and Victor Ibanez will launch the first ever "Storm" ongoing solo series this July. The new ongoing will see Ororo head out into the world to do what she's done best for more than fifty years -- lead by example.

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No longer content to lounge in her many arboretums, Storm will be racing around the globe, solving crimes, ending natural disasters and generally doing everything in her considerable power to save the world as often as possible. Through earning the world's admiration as a hero, her goal is to further the peaceful co-existence between mutants and humans.

To find out more about Storm's new mission, CBR News met up with Pak to discuss his plans for the book and what readers can expect when Storm takes to the skies solo.

CBR News: Why is Storm now heading out into the world, away from the Jean Grey School, for this new series? What is her new mission, and what makes her decide to pursue it?

Greg Pak: Back when Storm first appeared in my "Astonishing X-Men" run, she said, "I go where I'm needed." That might be Storm in a nutshell. In this series, Storm's going to take on threats no other X-Men would or could -- no matter what the consequences.

What kind of obstacles is she going to face? As the series moves forwards, will the focus be on her impact on the world and how people subsequently challenge/support it, or do you have more specific, personal challenges in mind for her?

Both of the above. Storm's one of the most important of all the X-Men -- ostensibly the most powerful, and frequently their moral center. But she's not just an X-Man -- she's part of many different communities, and feels that with-great-power-comes-great-responsibility toward oppressed people of all kinds.

So there are times when she will see something that no other X-Man would; when she'll take on someone else's battle as her own.

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With her now stepping back into her rightful place as the leader for mutantkind, how will other characters -- say, Cyclops, Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Havok -- view her new mission? Will there be any familiar faces showing up in her supporting cast?

Storm's been a street thief and a goddess and a persecuted mutant and a queen. She's seen it all, from every level, and isn't always necessarily going to side with mutants first and foremost. So there's the potential for some rich drama and conflict right there.

We're definitely going to see familiar faces -- and we're going to build a supporting cast with new folks as well. Storm belongs to multiple communities and the cast of the book will reflect that in some pretty fun and unexpected ways.

Victor Ibanez will be pencilling the series. What does his art bring to the book? How've you found the collaborative process with him?

Victor's amazing. He's got a great sense of superhero action as well as the sometimes rare ability to draw real-world people and keep things grounded. Most importantly, he really gets Storm. Just check out that cover to issue #1. All that fierce, righteous pride with that hint of danger? He knows what time it is.

As a character, how would you ultimately define Storm? Many writers over the years have all emphasized different ideas about her -- she's a goddess, she's magical, she's fighting in an arena, she's not a goddess, she's a devoted wife, she's a political figure, she's a schoolteacher, she's a free spirit. I imagine it could be a little hard to sum her up, right?

Storm's the embodiment of fierce, raw power -- and deep, abiding empathy. She's the most powerful woman in the Marvel Universe -- incredibly exciting and elemental -- even dangerous. But at the same time, she wields all that power to help the weakest and most vulnerable.

Is there a contradiction there? A possibility that her power and pride and fierceness may conflict with her mission to help and nurture? Or is Storm's fierce way simply the only way to blow apart the injustices she fights, no matter what the costs? Better buy all the issues and see for yourself!

"Storm" #1 by Greg Pak and Victor Ibanez goes on sale in July.

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