Greg Land covers 'Tomb Raider' #40

Official Press Release

[Tomb Raider #40]With Lara Croft reaching her fortieth issue and writer James Bonny and artist Wilson Tortosa creating a special issue, Top Cow has commissioned the artistic team of Sojourn, artist Greg Land, inker Jay Leisten and colorist Justin Ponsor, to create a gorgeous cover for this issue. This standalone issue focuses on Lara unexpectedly reuniting with her love Chase Carver, who is believed to be dead.

"We thought it would be a real treat for the fans to see such an artistic rendition of Lara Croft by such a well-respected artist as Greg Land," says Director of Marketing Joel Elad. "Plus we feel that this standalone issue serves as a great jumping-on point for new fans."

The storyline in this special issue shipping in stores in March 2004 takes Lara Croft into a strange wilderness where she battles a malevolent force bent on her destruction. It is during this journey that she reunites with what appears to be Chase Carver and focuses on how Lara deals with seeing someone she loves who she thought was dead.

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