Greg Horn illustrates Toledo Mudhens comic book

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Greg Horn's piece for The Toledo Mudhens

On August 11th, there will be a new pitcher on the mound for the Toledo Mudhens; comic book artist Greg Horn. Greg will be throwing out the first pitch at the Mudhens game against the Norfolk Tides. This comes about as a result of his recent work with Marvel Special Projects, and their new line of comic books created in collaboration with Triple A baseball. Greg was selected to paint a series of 3 images showcasing some of the premiere minor league baseball teams in the country like The Indianapolis Indians and the Tucson Sidewinders. The Mudhens were so pleased with their illustration that they invited the artist out to the stadium in Toledo, Ohio to sign the comic books.

"I'll be signing about 3000 copies. I hope this doesn't affect my pitching arm because I'm planning to throw with heat from the mound! Then again, when I see all the people in the stadium I will probably just pitch a few yards away from home plate... I've been told they will boo if I throw a bad pitch."

The Indianapolis Indians

Assistant General Manager Neil Neukam is a big fan of Horn's work on Ms Marvel and Emma Frost, and first discovered the artist's work from his paintings of Ohio's own Lebron James. The day after the game, he has arranged a store signing at Monarch Cards & Comics who have co-sponsored the event.

This assignment is the most recent in a number Greg has taken on under Marvel's Special Projects and Marketing divisions. More on the radar for comics fans, Greg produced a set of Secret Invasion "Who Do You Trust?" paintings, used to promote the summer blockbuster event. Each image featured the "Skrullfied" version of a major Marvel character, from Captain America, to Spider-Man, to Wolverine. Their appearance on the Marvel website spurred discussion, speculation, and debate. The fun will continue with a new Marvel.com production later this month.

Next up for Greg is a painting that could very well be one of his most widely distributed pieces ever. With the release of the Incredible Hulk DVD, a special edition set to be released through Wal-Mart will include a digital comic book, featuring Greg's rendition of the Green Goliath. Greg Horn's online art gallery can be viewed at www.greghornart.com

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