Greg Capullo Signs New DC Contract, Joins Scott Snyder on Secret Project

Artist Greg Capullo announced on Saturday that he has signed a new contract with DC. Along with the news comes word that Capullo will join his frequent Batman collaborator, writer Scott Snyder, on a secret project that he calls "biggest adventure yet!"

"In other news: I just signed a new contract with DC and am again teaming with @Ssnyder1835 to produce our biggest adventure yet!" Capullo wrote on Twitter. He ended his tweet with two horns emojis and a pencil emoji.

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Capullo and Snyder's partnership took shape along with the New 52, as the pair helmed DC's relaunched Batman series. The two creators worked together on the series for five years, crafting a number of critically and fan-acclaimed stories, reinventing classic characters for DC's then-new continuity, and introducing all-new friends and foes for the Dark Knight.

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In 2017-2018, the two creators would come back together for the event series Dark Nights: Metal, which helped launch Snyder's tenure on the relaunched Justice League title.

Capullo revealed in December 2016 that he signed a brand new contract with DC, but the announcement of Batman: Last Knight on Earth with Snyder delivered the news that his contract would most likely expire with the conclusion of the Black Label series.

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The reveal of Capullo and Snyder's new project may be announced this fall at New York Comic-Con.

Batman: Last Knight on Earth #1-2 are on sale now.

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