Greg Capullo's DC Contract Is Nearly Up


Following his and Scott Snyder's acclaimed run on Batman during the New 52, artist Greg Capullo bid farewell to DC Comics to partner with Mark Millar on the Image Comics series Reborn. However, his hiatus was shortlived, as Capullo revealed in December 2016 that he signed a brand new contract with DC, but according to Snyder, that too is approaching its end.

“Capullo has six issues left on his DC contract until he re-ups or whatever, so what we realized is that we’ve never worked together not on-the-grind,” Snyder said at WonderCon during Saturday’s Spotlight panel while discussing his and Capullo's upcoming Black Label Batman series. “So that’s what Last Knight on Earth is going to be.”

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If Capullo singed a two-year deal back in 2016, that would seemingly place the end of his contract in December of this year. However, although DC's Black Label imprint is slated to kick off in August with the debut of Frank Miller and John Romita Jr.'s Superman: Year One, we still don't know when Snyder and Capullo's upcoming story will officially launch.

What we do know, though, is that Batman: Last Knight on Earth will take place in a "strange future," where "villains are triumphant and society has liberated itself from the burden of ethical codes." Snyder first discussed the series this past October at New York Comic Con, with Batman: White Knight‘s Sean G. Murphy attached as the artist at the time.

Here is DC's official synopsis for the Batman: Last Knight on Earth:

Batman wakes up in a desert. He doesn’t know what year it is or how The Joker’s head is alive in a jar beside him, but it’s the beginning of a quest unlike anything the Dark Knight has undertaken before. In this strange future, villains are triumphant and society has liberated itself from the burden of ethical codes. Fighting to survive while in search of answers, Bruce Wayne uncovers the truth about his role in this new world—and begins the last Batman story ever told.

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Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's current miniseries, Dark Nights: Metal, will conclude with Issue #6, which goes on sale March 28.

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