Greetings, programs! 'Tron' rides its way to comics this Winter

[Tron 2.0]In 1982 the groundbreaking science-fiction film "Tron" was unleashed on the movie going public. In the film a hacker named Kevin Flynn is split into molecules and transported inside of a computer. Inside he meets Tron, AKA Alan Bradley, and together they battle against the Master Control Program for the freedom of all programs.

Clearly, the story wasn't what won audiences over at first. Rather it was the film's unique futuristic design, with favorites such as the Light Cycle races, which set a new tone for science-fiction film making and garnered a Best Costume Oscar Nomination in 1983 (oddly the film was not nominated for best visual effects, an award won that year by "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial"). The movie was one of the first films to extensively use computers for special effects.

Since it's original release the film has become something of a cult classic, its popularity furthered by a recent re-release of the film on DVD. The fascination with "Tron" continues this August when the "Tron 2.0" video game is released, already garnering rave reviews. But the behemoth that is the Disney marketing machine won't be stopping there.

Today 88 MPH Studios, Inc. and Disney Publishing Worldwide announced that a new four-part comic book series based on "Tron" will be hitting [Tron]comic shops this Winter. According to the press release the "Tron 2.0" comic will "...follow the adventures of Jet Bradley, son of the movie's Alan Bradley, as he explores the Tron universe and comes to terms with living a dual life. In the real world, he's just a normal 20-year-old; in the digital world, he's a hero. Along the way, Jet will fight rogue programs, deadly viruses and other cyber-threats."

This first mini-series is based on the story developed for the "Tron 2.0" video game which is set 20 years after the movie. A second series is also planned for Spring of 2004 and will be set in the original Tron universe, 20 years in the past. Each comic will be full color with 22 pages and released monthly.

This first comic mini-series will be based on the Tron 2.0 computer game universe, which is set 20 years after the movie and promises intense action and breathtaking adventures in a digital world. The second series, to be launched in Spring 2004, will go back 20 years in the past to explore the original Tron universe.

88 MPH Studios has been busy. In May they announced the publication of a "Ghostbusters" comic book series. Disney hasn't been resting on its laurels either. Last December Disney announced that their classic cast of characters would be returning to comics in June, 2003, after a very long hiatus from comics publishing.

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