Green Wake #10

Story by
Art by
Riley Rossmo
Colors by
Riley Rossmo
Letters by
Kelly Tindall
Cover by
Image Comics

Although "Green Wake" #10 unfortunately brings the series to a close, Kurtis Wiebe does an excellent job of making it feel as if this was his plan all along. Morley gets to the heart of Green Wake quite literally in this final issue and makes a risky decision with ramifications for all the citizens of Green Wake, past, present and future.

Wiebe has a very specific vision for "Green Wake" and you can feel his uncompromising devotion to it as his tale draws to its conclusion. He unravels his mysteries nicely but rarely says anything outright -- both a strength and a weakness. In the end I felt highly satisfied with Wiebe's story, but there were times when I was legitimately confused or became lost in his mysteries. This is a thinking man's book and not for the faint of heart, but for readers that are interested in layers, there's a lot to peel back and enjoy.

Fortunately, Wiebe found the perfect artist for "Green Wake" in Riley Rossmo, and an exceptional collaborator. It's clear Rossmo takes Wiebe's vision and turns the dial all the way up, accenting both the horror and the beauty. They're an excellent creative team and one I'd follow to just about any project.

Rossmo's art is kinetic as ever, brutal and unflinching, evocative and bold. Rossmo pulls no punches in the choices he makes, allowing some parts of his story to be sketchy and almost unfinished, while others are minutely detailed. His characters evolve to their most disturbing and graphic levels in this issue, significantly heightening the horror throughout. Rossmo's colors are particularly strong with the sickly green tones of Green Wake permeating even deeper when we have the peach colored tones of the real world to contrast against it.

So often in comics endings don't deliver as they should, particularly true when a series is cut short, but Wiebe and Rossmo easily avoid that trap and end this series the way it deserves with an emotional punch and just enough mystery resolved to satisfy readers.

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