Green Power Ranger Jason David Frank 'Knocks Out' Pro-Wrestler

Frequent and former Power Ranger -- perhaps the most famous one to declare "It's Morphin Time!"-- Jason David Frank may have just found a new calling as sports entertainer. Over the weekend, Frank attacked professional Brysin Scott during a match at an indie show put on by the Loredo Wrestling Alliance promotion.

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Frank, who had a ringside seat at the event in Laredo, TX, delivered a KO punch square to the face of the self-proclaimed "Mr. Studtacular," eliciting chants "J-D-F!"

Scott was in the middle of a match when he turned his attention to Frank and taunted him. He then got in Frank's face and commenced shoving the actor and martial artist before punching two massive bodyguards flanking him.

This predetermined exchange -- what they call in the industry a "work" -- seems to be building to a match between the two, though time will tell if that contest will come to fruition. Frank had been promoting the event days before on social media, and tweeted on Sunday, "I can’t wait to get in the ring with this guy. I had a great time at LWA and meeting all my fans in Laredo!"

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This isn't Frank's first encounter with wrestling. He engaged in a war of words with CM Punk in the past two years, challenging the Straight-Edge Superstar and former WWE Champion to an MMA bout, which never materialized.

This time, however, it does appear that Frank will begin wrestling for the promotion in some capacity, at least according to LWA owner Rey Chavarria, who claimed, in a Loredo Morning Times article, that "The Green Ranger is wrestling for the first time in LWA."

Jason David Frank has had many careers over the years -- actor, martial artist, karate instructor, and mixed martial artist -- but he is best known for playing Tommy Oliver on Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers for six consecutive seasons and in the first feature film.

He reprised the role in 2003 for Power Rangers Dino Thunder, becoming the Black Ranger, and several more times later on, most recently making a cameo in the 2017 Power Rangers theatrical reboot.

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