Green Loontern, Jim Lee, Conan O'Brien and "Arrow" DLC Come to "LEGO Batman 3"

"LEGO Batman 3" is set to cover the full gamut of characters from the DC Universe and truly go "Beyond Gotham." During New York Comic Con 2014, TT Games announced a number of new characters for the game, including none other than The Green Loontern (voiced by Joe Alaskey, who played Duck Dodgers in the 2005 series) as well as Darkest Knight (Green Lantern Batman), Solar Suit Superman, Man Bat, Condiment King, DC co-publisher Jim Lee and none other than talk show host Conan O'Brien.

"Conan's role in the game is great," TT Games director Arthur Parsons said during the NYCC panel. "He's the guy that's helping you know what's where and who's introducing the various aspects of the free-roam world. The VO sessions were interesting."

In addition to the new characters, TT Games announced an "Arrow"-themed DLC pack that will include Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen.

TT Games and WB Interactive Entertainment have released a number of images of the new characters -- all included below. Check back with CBR for full coverage on the NYCC 2014 panel.

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