Green Lanterns: Simon Baz's New Ring Is [SPOILER]


SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Green Lanterns #31, by Sam Humphries, Ronan Cliquet, HiFi and Dave Sharpe, on sale now.

Of all of of DC Comics' Rebirth titles, Green Lanterns was perhaps the one with the most name recognition that was also a major question mark. Everyone has heard of the Green Lanterns as a concept, but series leads Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz were newcomers to the DC Universe, as was writer Sam Humphries who was best known for his indie work like Citizen Jack and Marvel titles like Legendary Star-Lord and Avengers AI.

Green Lanterns Just Introduced The First Ever Kryptonian GL

Now, a just over a year later, the titular Green Lanterns have grown from rookies struggling to maintain order on Earth to fully-fledged superhero veterans who, thanks to some accidental time-travel, have been revealed to be responsible for training the very first crop of GLs and establishing what it means to be a Green Lantern. In this week’s Green Lanterns #31, Sam Humphries, Ronan Cliquet, HiFi and Dave Sharpe show just how far Jessica and Simon have come and cements their place in the DC Universe for years to come.

Put A Ring On It

The most recent arc of Green Lanterns has seen Simon and Jessica thrown back in time billions of years by Volthoom (aka the first Lantern) to the earliest days of the DC Universe, before the Green Lantern Corps had been founded and when the Guardians of the Universe were still Maltusians establishing their place in the cosmic order. It was around this time that Volthoom, a cosmic traveler from a parallel Earth, had been betrayed by the Guardians of the Universe and sought to rip reality apart in order to get home to his world and save it, refusing to believe that his attempts to get home would be the very action that causes its destruction.


The renegade Guardian known as Rani had recruited seven Green Lanterns as the basis of the Green Lantern Corps, making rings out of Volthoom’s cosmic Travel Lantern, but the rings were unstable and a spike of willpower could destroy the ring bearer from the inside out. At the start of this issue, four of the first seven Green Lanterns have already perished but their rings have found new homes on the fingers of Simon Baz, making him a match for the power of Volthoom and capable of going toe-to-toe with the first Lantern who wields power from the entire emotional spectrum depending on where his current — extremely fragile — emotional state is at in any given moment.

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