Green Lanterns Introduces the Simon Baz of a Classic Alternate Earth

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Green Lanterns #46 by Tim Seeley and V. Ken Marion, on sale now.

Jessica Cruz has dark moments from her past that she probably wishes would stay there. Unfortunately, as superhero storytelling goes, ghosts never stay dead, and now the Green Lantern is doomed to relive her past over and over. The Green Lanterns storyline "Ghosts of the Past" has ripped open an old wound, and with Jessica unable to fully come to terms with her traumatic past, the pain and despair she feels because of it has seemingly manifested itself into an entire pocket dimension.

As of issue #46, Tim Seeley and V. Ken Marion have Jessica trapped and reliving the events of the fateful hunting trip that ended with the murder of her friends and a debilitating anxiety disorder. Now, Simon Baz has entered the dimension in an effort to save his partner, but things just got scarier following the revelation of where they actually are: Now Jessica and Baz have to compete with the evil Power Ring from Earth 3!

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Jessica Cruz Can Never Escape Her Past

Jessica Cruz has skeletons in her closet. She's been trying to escape her past for a while now, but it doesn't look like she will have any other choice but to face it. After witnessing the murder of her friends, Jessica remained locked inside her home for years, afraid of what would come after her if she left. This, unfortunately, made her the target of an evil entity known as Volthoom. You see, before Jessica was a Green Lantern, she wore a different kind of green ring from a parallel Earth, and she's been running from that life ever since.

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Unlike the Green Lantern ring we know, the Power Ring is fueled by fear, and Volthoom feeds on fear. It originated on Earth 3, a universe where everything that is good in this reality is evil; in fact, all goodness has been wiped out. Following the death of the previous wielder Harold Jordan, Jessica Cruz became the holder of the Power Ring and found herself transformed into a supervillain.

Jessica remained under the control of Volthoom until the ring was destroyed near the end of the Justice League storyline, "Darkseid War." She then became a Green Lantern, and it seemed like her troubles were behind her. But while the ring might have been destroyed, and the evil spirit it contained dead, old demons stick around. When they aren't causing problems, they're stirring in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to make your life a living hell again. That time is now, and it looks like Jessica may be in danger of being completely consumed by her fears, and becoming everything Volthoom once was.

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