Green Lanterns' Series Finale Dissolves a Major Rebirth Relationship

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Green Lanterns #57, the series finale from Dan Jurgens, Mike Perkins, Hi-Fi and Dave Sharpe, on sale now.

While everyone is viewed as one big unit in the Green Lantern Corps, there are several instances where we've seen partnerships developing. Over the years, we've witnessed the likes of Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner, Kilowog and others form buddy-cop duos, patrolling DC's cosmic landscape. After all, the Green Lanterns are space police, so it'd make sense to have them watching each other's back.

In the Rebirth era, one pair was actually made an official unit: Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz. The rookies were being mentored by Hal Jordan so they could gain experience and mature into the Lanterns Sector 2814 deserved. Well, as of the Green Lanterns finale, this relationship has been dissolved, with the once introverted Jessica opting to become a roving Lantern across the galaxy.

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Issue #57 pits the Corps against Eon and the Ravagers in a brutal battle orbiting their base, Mogo. They eventually win, with Hal and his squad taking down Cyborg Superman on Earth, but all of this comes at a big cost. Mogo is decimated, scores of Corps members died, and Coast City, Hal's hometown, is wrecked (again). Despite the Corps' success, all this collateral damage drives Jessica to contemplate her future and how she ought to seize the day, culminating in the decision to end her training. She did invite her partner on the journey, but he turns her down, saying Earth is where he belongs at the moment. However, she gets the blessings of her seniors and Simon himself to embark on this new journey.

Jessica was forced into becoming a Green Lantern when the Ring of Volthoom possessed her. This made her an instrument of evil in Darkseid War, but in its wake, she was purified, and a Green Lantern ring ended up selecting her as a worthy hero to join the Corps. That's when Hal decided to train her and Simon as a team, allowing them to riff and learn off each other. Hal saw potential in her, as well as Simon, a former thief, recognizing they both had a similar fire and passion for justice.

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Nonetheless, it's a tough break, because they've endured a lot over the last few months together. Jessica was framed for murder and hunted by her colleagues, with only Simon having her back. She was just as loyal to him, helping him through the heartbreak of being used by Cyborg Superman to earn his freedom, which led to this full-scale attack on Mogo. Though they were inexperienced, Jessica and Simon established a soulful relationship, balancing each other out. The Guardians and Hal saw this and were very proud of their progress, which is why they now have no issue letting Jessica expand her horizons.

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That said, no one knows what the future holds for either of the duo, leaving fans wondering if the subtle hints they were developing romantic feelings for each other will ever pay off. Coupling this with the possibility that Simon may actually be the Green Lantern who died in Heroes in Crisis #1, and it may indeed be the end of the road for the duo.

Let's hope, though, it isn't a permanent goodbye. Physically and mentally, both have been worthy of their rings, and as Hal has said in the past, they represent the future. In fact, all of their seniors know they exude a sense of hope and remind the universe the Green Lanterns will always be there to protect it.

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