<i>Green Lantern's</i> Martin Campbell to Help Revive <i>Blake's 7</i>

Blake's 7 is back! Or at least it will be if independent producer Georgeville Television gets its way. The company has teamed up with Casino Royale and Green Lantern director Martin Campbell to help bring back the BBC cult sci-fi series that aired from 1978 to 1981, Deadline reports.

The series had a Dirty Dozen-style theme, with a bunch of space criminals offered the chance to make up for their crimes by doing good instead of heading off to be executed. The original series was created by Terry Nation, who wrote for Doctor Who and famously came up with the Doctor's extermination-obsessed villains The Daleks.

Joe Pokaski, who has been a writer and supervising producer on Heroes and CSI, has been tapped to pen the pilot. The project is being shopped around to U.S. networks.

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