Green Lanterns Introduces Another DCU Dating App, But This One is Intergalactic

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Green Lanterns #41 by Tim Seeley, Barnaby Bagenda, Mick Grey, and Tom Derenick.

When we last left our Green Lanterns Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz, they were in the middle of a missing persons case involving small time superheroes. The pair of Green Lanterns eventually discover that the link between all of them involves Caper, a superhero dating app where identities aren't disclosed, so heroes can go out with whoever they so choose without worrying about the developers extorting them. The case itself is something personal for Simon, as their primary missing person, Night Pilot, went on a handful of dates with him before she was kidnapped by traffickers.


At the end of the last issue, Jess and Simon came across one Scrapps of the Omega Men, and since leaving her friends, the wanted woman has been dabbling in some trafficking herself.

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It turns out that Scrapps has been selling the tech used to kidnap those superheroes, and she takes them to the monthly meeting place to catch whoever is grabbing their costumed friends. The three of them travel to the planet of Garnet, where crime is completely legal and serves as the world's currency. Scrapps herself says it's the most dangerous planet in the sector, and calls it "Hellhole" to really sell that it's a wretched hive of scum and villainy. If the Lanterns want to get the information they need, they're going to have to be bad.


Since Green Lanterns obviously won't be welcome on a lawless planet like this, they assume the identities of intergalactic criminals Baba Fahtish and Dorgus Brick, two of the most respected dirtballs in the known universe.  At the meeting place, a space bar named Mungol's, the three meet their targets -- Tomb-or and Zecz. Everything goes smoothly... until Tomb-or realizes they're imposters thanks to the fact that the real Baba Fahtish had just swiped right on the pictures from his Shyster profile.

That's right, folks: the galaxy has a Tinder-like dating app of its own, something even Jessica finds frustrating.


Having been made, the Lanterns (and Scrapps) chase down Tomb-or and Zecz. When the pair are caught, they divulge the information the Lanterns are looking for, in exchange for one small favor. Because Green Lanterns are a rarity in this sector of the galaxy, they want to earn some street cred and make it look like they beat the Lanterns instead of the other way around. So Simon and Jessica make some constructs of themselves for the two dealers to pose with...so they can be posted on their individual Shyster profiles.

The idea of a dating app for the whole universe can't be of any real comfort to Jessica, especially since she only decided to put herself back on the market an issue ago. Almost immediately after signing up with Caper, she found herself matched with Simon, something that she's hesitant to bring up to him for very valid reasons. But with Shyster, she at least has an alternative should they date and break up, or if she wants to pretend Caper never paired them together in the first place.

Maybe. Who knows how aliens will feel about dating a cop.

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