Green Lantern No More: Grant Morrison Turns Hal Jordan Into A Blackstar

SPOILER WARNING: The following announcement involves potentially major spoilers for the final chapters of The Green Lantern, on sale in September and October.

The Green Lantern may be coming to an end when its twelfth issue arrives in October, but Grant Morrison has more in store for Hal Jordan in Green Lanterns: Blackstars.

Announced this morning by DC, the three-issue miniseries launches November 6, teaming Morrison with artist Xermanico and picking up where the final chapter of Morrison and Liam Sharp's The Green Lantern, Issue #12, will leave off the month prior. The new series will sport three connecting covers by Sharp, and a first issue variant by Darick Robertson.

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According to the release, when Blackstars debuts, Hal Jordan's actions have resulted in a major rewriting of DC continuity, one that erases the very existence of the Green Lantern Corps, leaving the Blackstars no true opposition in their goal of conquering the universe.

“Oa is the skeleton-paved haunt of vengeful demons, and the Blackstars—a sinister cult of universal peace and harmony, involving surrender to the will of the insidious and/or possibly illuminated Controller Mu—are in the process of subjugating the universe to their creed,” Morrison said of the series in a statement. “Jordan’s one of the Blackstars’ primary operatives. He’s central, although the Cosmic Vampire Countess Belzebeth vies with him for control of the narrative in Blackstars. Hal Jordan is the kind of man who will excel in any situation, so naturally he’s an elite Blackstar in this altered-continuity.”

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In addition to continuing Morrison and Sharp's The Green Lantern story, DC's announcement states that the three-issue series (which was initially hyped as not having the words "Green Lantern" in its title) will set the stage for the next major Green Lantern-based adventure in 2020.

Green Lantern: Blackstars #1, by Grant Morrison and Xermanico, lands in comic stores and on digital platforms Wednesday, Nov. 6. Check out the first of Liam Sharp's covers, featuring Hal Jordan in his Blackstar uniform as he and his partner face some of DC's heaviest hitting cosmic villains, and check back with CBR for more on what to expect from Green Lantern: Blackstars in the weeks ahead.

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