EXCLUSIVE: Green Lanterns #34 Teases A Dangerous Romance For Simon Baz

Tim Seeley and Ronan Cliquet's first story as the new creative team on Green Lanterns continues, in which we see Simon Baz use one of his special abilities to save the life of a young woman. And, if the issue's cover blurb is accurate, he might have just saved his future significant other from death -- or he may have saved his future arch-nemesis.

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CBR has the exclusive first look at Green Lanterns #34, the cover of which teases, "Beware Liseth! She's gonna steal your heart!" In the preview, we learn that Liseth is the woman who Baz saves, though there's not much else revealed. Will she and Simon strike up a romance? Or will she prove to have some sort of emotion-manipulating powers a la the Star Sapphires? The answer to that mystery will be found -- or at least hinted more clearly at -- in the series' next issue, which arrives in stores Nov. 1.


Until then, take a look at the preview and solicitation text, below.


  • Written by TIM SEELEY
  • Cover by MIKE McKONE
  • Variant cover by BRANDON PETERSON
  • “WORK RELEASE” part two! Finding new jobs and personal growth take a back seat to a rescue mission when Simon and Jess are assigned to evacuate a planet falling into its sun.
  • On sale NOVEMBER 1 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T

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