"Green Lanterns" #1 Debuts New Powers, Deepens Red Lantern Mystery

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for "Green Lanterns" #1, on sale now.

After being bound together via a single lantern in "Green Lanterns: Rebirth" #1, Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz have been made partners in fighting crime. But how is that working out? As it turns out, smoothly overall for the duo, but with new revelations into hidden powers for both Green and Red Lanterns.

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Writer Sam Humphries introduces a new and seemingly rare ability: Emerald Sight. Based on the fact that it's Simon's ring that tells him not only that it's happening but even gives it a formal title, this would insinuate that it's a known but previously undisclosed power for Green Lanterns. Simon's initial activation of the Emerald Sight happens without warning or presumably conscious effort; one moment he's having a conversation with his family and government handler, the next his head hurts and his eyes are lighting up as visions stream into his mind. While Emerald Sight may be controllable with practice and experience, for now it appears to be a randomly triggered "gift."

Simon's four visions are presumably of the future, with one of the present day. The latter is the easiest to identify: it's Jessica calling for help while being attacked at a local shopping mall by rage-powered civilians. (More on that shortly.) Two visions are directly connected to Simon, with the other pair quite possibly being in his future as well. There's a glimpse of Simon bleeding on a planet with a red sky, which may or may not be the Red Lantern home of Ysmault. Simon also sees his brother-in-law Nazir with a Red Lantern ring, the group's fiery discharge coming out of his mouth. Similarly, we're shown the glowing red eyes and gaping mouth of an alien monster in silhouette. Finally, the Guardian seen fleeing at the start of "Green Lanterns: Rebirth" #1 is back, noting that inside the box he's carrying is "the most powerful ring [he's] ever created." With all of these events having a seeming connection to the Red Lantern rage energy, it could be that Emerald Sight has to be triggered either by another part of the emotional spectrum, and/or all visions must be connected to a single threat.

As promised at the end of "Green Lanterns: Rebirth" #1, the threat of Red Lanterns is looming large over "Green Lanterns" #1. We see their rage energy in action on Earth, inflaming first an individual serial killer and then an entire crowd of people in Pima County, Arizona, inducing them to attack the Green Lanterns. When the attack hits a crescendo, a massive structure briefly appears, surrounded by what looks like rivers of lava. The Red Lanterns on Ysmault call this a Hell Tower, implying that their existence depends on both the tower and something called a Rage Seed. Whatever this thing is that can transform innocent bystanders into partial Red Lanterns, its influence is wide-ranging; Jessica's attack by a similarly transformed crowd at a shopping mall takes place in Portland, Oregon, which is over a thousand miles away.

With Lord Atrocitus claiming that the universe cannot survive without the Red Lanterns, there's presumably a difficult task ahead of the Green Lanterns to stop the rage without altering the balance of the emotional spectrum. In the issues ahead, fans of the various Corps will no doubt learn a lot in "Green Lanterns." Apparently our elementary school teachers were wrong: rage is good.

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