Green Lantern, Yellow Lemonade and The G-D Batman



  • Did you know there was a Todd McFarlane homage inside of "Big Hero 6"? He nailed the hands.
  • The Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco has a showing of Erik Larsen original art going on right now. Larsen took some folks for a tour of the art, and someone recorded the audio from the whole thing and put on a slideshow of random Dragon art to keep your eyes busy while he talked.
  • The sixth volume of "Orbital" is out in France already, and the fine folks at Cinebook are working on getting it to the English-speaking world as we speak. A showing of that art from Serge Pelle is happening in Paris at the Daniel Maghen Gallery. (Those are the folks who work with Christie's on those auctions I've talked about before.) You have until April 25th to get to Paris to see it. In the meantime, you can do some window shopping at that link above.
  • You can read the sixth volume of "Orbital" now, if you like, digitally. It's in French, though.
  • "Everyday Superheroes" as a title might be pushing it a bit far, but these support folks from SmugMug got a thrill with a photo shoot that had them in costume on the edge of a rather tall building in San Francisco. Great pics.
  • The "Beauty and the Beast" movie you saw 20-plus years ago didn't start out exactly how it wound up. That's the normal process for an animated movie. You can see some pieces from the original concept for the movie in this video.
  • With a warning for some language issues in the video, I need to point out that John Oliver is right: "Anyone who claims to be excited for April Fools' Day is probably a sociopath." This Wednesday will be a disaster. Stay off the Internet. If it's too late for you and you're reading this column on Wednesday, please remember that the column was published on Tuesday and, as such, is not and never will be a part of any April Fools' Day prank.

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