Green Lantern, X-Men: First Class, The Dark Knight Rises: May 19th Comic Reel


Michael Clarke Duncan talks with MTV News about voicing Kilowog:

Meanwhile, I had the chance to speak with Mark Strong during my set visit last August for CBR. He talked about preserving the look of Sinestro. "I made a big play for keeping him looking like he does in the comics," the actor said. "I just thought that was a fantastic look."

Starring Ryan Reynolds, release date: June 17th, 2011


Geek Syndicate spoke with actor Alex Gonzales, who plays Riptide in the film. "He's very dangerous," the actor explained. "But, you know, he comes across very respectably and he's very polite. For me, he's just like a tornado. When you see a tornado from afar, it's calm. The only thing that you can see is a kind of tube. But inside, up close, it's very dangerous."

Release date: June 3rd, 2011


The lads at Comic Book Movie spotted this video report from the London set:

They also found this curious picture of shoes dangling from the building used as the Gotham PD station:

Wasn't there an action scene filmed yesterday? Did security tighten up for it?

Release date: July 20th, 2012


Various sites, including Superhero Hype, are pointing to the Marvel Movies Facebook page and their photos of a bridge being assembled at Universal Studios in Hollywood:

Y'know, nothing good ever happens when Spider-Man gets near a bridge. I wonder if ... nah, they wouldn't kill off Gwen Stacy this quickly. Would they?

Release date: May 28th, 2012


The Belfast Telegraph (via Comic Book Movie) talked with Hayley Atwell about her role in the film as Peggy Carter. "I started off with a pistol and the director could clearly tell how much I loved working with it and said 'Oh just give her a machine gun' and I was like 'yes'!" she recalled. "I think she's quite stubborn, a slightly frustrated woman who struggles with being a woman in that time."

Starring Chris Evans, release date: July 22nd, 2011


Over on his official Facebook page, director Peter Jackson made a few new casting announcements. "We are thrilled to confirm that Stephen Fry will be playing The Master of Laketown," he wrote. "He's a terrific actor and will create a very memorable Master for us." Jackson also announced that Ryan Gage will play the Master's conniving civil servant Alfrid and the remarkably tall Conan Stevens will play an Orc called Azog. That name echos in the mythology. If I remember correctly, Azog was the Orc that routed the Dwarves out of Moria. Anyway, here's a photo of Stevens and Jackson:

Release date: 2012


MTV News has a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the animated movie:

Release date: out now!


Here at CBR, we have video of Henry Rollins -- who voices Kilowog in the DC Animated Original movie -- discussing the escapist aspect of comics:

Release date: June 7th, 2011


The Today Show reunited the cast of "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the film. Here's video of the cast discussing the making of the movie and the lack of chocolate on set:

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