The 25 Most Bizarre Things A Green Lantern Ring Has Created

Hal Jordan Green Lantern

If you think about the Green Lantern Ring and the various powers it gives to anyone who uses one, there's pretty much nothing it can't do. The creations, or constructs as they are called, are limited only by the imagination and willpower of the user, which means that the writers and artists who work on the books are limited only by their own imaginations when it comes to making crazy constructs. Over the years, this has certainly been the case as Green Lanterns have used their Green Lantern Rings to make some of the craziest, yet useful constructs ever to be drawn into a comic book. Seeing as the characters and different versions of the mythos have been around since 1940, there have been nearly 80 years of these constructs designed to enthrall and entertain the fans.

We thought it would be fun to look back through those nearly 80 years of comics, cartoons, and sadly, a live action movie, to find the constructs that defy logic. Whatever a Green Lantern might have made for one reason or another than edges closer to the line of silly or strange were considered. For this list, we are looking at bizarre constructs made for a variety of reasons, but the stranger, the better. With so much content, we are bound to have missed some of your favorite constructs, so sound off in the comments with your favorites from our list as well as any good ones we might have missed in this list.

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Sometimes, a Green Lantern comes onto the scene and has mere moments to conjure up a construct that could save the day. In the case of Kyle Rayner and a massive crane about to topple down and takeout a bunch of civilians, it came time to create a massive four-man construction crew.

Sure, Kyle could have just created an energy field to hold up the crane and keep it from crushing the people below, but where's the fun in that? He's an artist after all, and this was an opportunity to be creative. Was it unnecessary... perhaps, but you can always expect Rayner to have a little fun with his constructs.


Green Lantern Construct Cupid and Arrow

Creepily following an ex-girlfriend is somehow worse when you're a superhero, but that didn't stop Kyle Rayner from creeping on his ex, Troia when she went out on a date with Roy Harper, otherwise known as Arsenal. When a Nazi attacks, Kyle gets weirdly creative.

While he does fashion a giant dustpan and broom to take on Red Panzer's neo-Nazi goons, he creates another means of taking him out: a giant cupid. Perhaps love was in the air, but whatever his reasoning, green Cupid shot a Nazi with an arrow and we can all appreciate that.


Green Lantern Construct Giant Pencil

Kyle Rayner may be a Green Lantern... actually, he's a remarkably good GL, but first and foremost, the man is an artist. You can expect his constructs to be creative and meaningful, which is why it's all the sillier to see him construct a giant pencil with an eraser to literally draw and erase constructs.

What was strange about his use of a pencil to create constructs was that it was entirely unnecessary. He added a step into his process, which did little to suit his use of the Ring, but hearkened back to his skills as an artist.


Green Arrow shooting a Green Arrow with Green Lantern Ring

If you picked up a Green Lantern Ring and found the willpower to use it, what would you create? Anyone who has read the books has considered this, but when it came time for Oliver Queen, aka the Green Arrow to construct something, creativity took a back seat to practicality and what he knew.

The guy made a green arrow that looked exactly like any green arrow he would otherwise fire with a bow. He shot it into Sinestro and that was about it, but it took all he had to make it happen so maybe the guy wasn't the perfect person to use the Ring.



There are a lot of different types of Green Lanterns throughout the Corps to include a sentient virus and even a cartoon character who looks and acts like a squirrel. Ch'p is a Green Lantern who comes from a planet where all the inhabitants look like cartoon versions of Earth animals because... why not?

When Ch'p makes it rain, he doesn't stick to something mundane like water, he pours deadly acorns from the sky onto his enemies. Perhaps he thought they would hurt as much as a real acorn hurts a squirrel, but whatever his reasons, it sure was cute and a bizarre use of the Ring.



When you can create anything and everything (more on that later), why not offer up a ride for your buddies? You could make them a cool sidecar for a motorcycle (it's happened) or anything conceivable. Or, if you're Kyle Rayner and the guy who's been dating your ex needs a lift downtown, you might as well throw him into a baby carriage.

This all went down when Arsenal was macking on another girl while still dating Troia, which didn't sit well with Kyle. He threw his fellow superhero who couldn't fly into an appropriate vehicle and carried him to the fight and we can't really blame him for his choice.



There's practical and then there's just showing off when it really isn't necessary and that's how Kyle Rayner as the White Lantern likes to get things done. During Green Lantern: New Guardians #20, Rayner traveled around the planet with Saint Walker to see the changes that have gone on across the planet since he became the White Lantern.

When he comes across a fire on an oil rig, he could easily have scooped the water with a giant bucket, but instead chose to fashion a gigantic firefighter to douse the flames. It may not have been entirely necessary, but it was certainly done with style.


Green Lantern Construct Giant Egg Basket

When Black Hand attacks Hal Jordan and Arisia, it's up to every idiom and pun in the book to make the battle an facepalming groan of dad jokes and one-liners. Black Hand attacks with a giant cream pie and the line, "What do you think of my pie in the sky," and it devolves from there.

After firing off a ton of eggs with a quip about what came first, the chicken or the egg, we get a giant egg basket with the warning not to put them all in there and the battle continues with a milk jug, egg beaters and much, much more. It's silly, but also indicative of the Ring's abilities.


Green Lantern Construct Kryptonite

You can't keep a good Superman down... unless of course, you have some Kryptonite handy. The Ring isn't limited to simply creating green rocks that look like Kryptonite, it can easily create the deadly-to-Superman mineral thanks to its ability to create any form of radiation. The Rings have been used several times to create the stuff over the years.

The most famous instance came in Superman: Man of Tomorrow #13 when Supes' had a little trouble controlling himself. Martian Manhunter figured out the recipe from Superman's mind and sent it to Rayner who created the rocky warning for the rampaging Superman.


Green Lantern Construct Restaurant and Waitress

There are thousands of Green Lanterns in the DC Universe... normally, but there was a time when the only Green Lantern was a very lonely Kyle Rayner. When GL's get lonely, they do some pretty weird stuff, but for Kyle Rayner, he didn't run to a bar and hang out with normal humans to wallow in his lonely misery, he created a roadside diner.

For whatever reason, he went to the trouble to create an entire diner equipped with tables, booths, tabletop jukeboxes and even a pretty waitress he could talk to. That's actually an amazing use of the Ring, but it's also sad and strange at the same time.


Green Lantern Construct Giant Boot

When it comes to oversized items used as weapons or for practical jokes, Green Lanterns create any variety of items. There have been oversized baseball bats, boxing gloves and whatever else you can imagine to include gigantic cowboy boots. This giant boot isn't necessarily amazing, but what it was used for was just perfect.

This event demonstrated what happens when a regular Earth kitty gets its hands on a Red Lantern Ring and becomes an evil rage monster and pet to Atrocitus. When Hal Jordan stops by to deal with the evil kitty, he crafts up a giant cowboy boot to kick the cat and it was absolutely hilarious.


you might think that a person who wields a Green Lantern Ring is immune to harm, but that's not entirely true. Occasionally, an evil supervillain takes the time to brand a person's face, which is exactly what happened to Soranik Natu. Fortunately, she had the skills and the will to take care of that without making too much of a fuss.

With little thought or preparation, Natu fashioned a surgical suite construct equipped with a comfy-looking chair and a fancy laser. She then laid back and let the laser fix the brand from her face, which is beyond impressive, but it looks as if it would have hurt just a little bit.


The Pre-Crisis Silver Age was a weird time for comic books. Those were the days when Superman was powerful enough to move planets and shoot little versions of himself from his hands. It wasn't much different for Hal Jordan whose use of the Green Lantern Ring included travelling through time, encompassing planets with energy and turning himself into an envelope and mailing himself to an evil doer.

The whole thing was a zany plot to get into a secret lair and foil the bad guys. It worked, but there is nothing in what we know of the GL ring that makes this story make any sense whatsoever.


Green Lantern Construct Emoticons

There was a time in the Superman/Batman series when a version of the Justice League from a chibi universe showed up for the entertainment of pretty much everyone reading it. The so-called "Lil' Leaguers" popped up in issue #51 thanks to some antics between Bat-Mite and Mister Mxyzptlk who place a wager concerning Batman and whose is better.

The Lil' Leaguers stick around for a while expressing themselves in a variety of ways. When it came to Lil' John Stewart's preferred means of making social commentary, he stuck to creating large emoticons using his Green Lantern Ring... and man, was it adorable (even if it was a bit too silly).



When you have the ability to create anything and even survive within the vacuum of space, there's not much you can't do. For a Green Lantern who needs to create something he can carry his buddies, most might take the time to whip up a cool spaceship, but not Kyle Rayner. If this list has taught you anything, it's that Rayner has style.

Kyle whipped up this homage to the golden age of piracy fully equipped with swords, a bubbling wake and even seagulls because, if you're going to do something, do it right! The group was on the hunt for Superman who had gone missing and the ship was their way to find him.


Green Lantern Construct Giant Teddy Bear

Sometimes, a hero does something heroic, but other times, it's all about being a showoff. When Kyle Rayner happened up on a drunken homeless guy trying to make off with a woman's purse, he opts not to intervene like a normal person, but instead to do something weird. He created a gigantic teddy bear to sit on top of the guy.

That wasn't all he did... he also gave the man a lecture on swearing, which may have been more for any potential kids reading the book. This was one of Kyle's weird creations, but it was also one of the least necessary... and that's saying something.


Green Lantern Construct Dolphin

Aquaman is one of those superheroes people made fun of for years. After all, he talks to fish and can beat up a guy, but he needs to be close to water to really shine. The 2018 Aquaman may have dispelled many of these beliefs, but before that film came along, Aquaman was kind of silly to a lot of people who weren't familiar with his books.

One thing about him we all know is his penchant for riding around on dolphins. To appease his nature and get him from A to B, Rayner whipped up a flying green dolphin for his pal. It's weird, for sure, but it's also really sweet.


Green Lantern Construct Giant Liquor Bottle

In the early days of the Green Lantern books, many lessons were learned by young readers. One such lesson was taken from a story in Green Lantern #173 when Hal Jordan happened upon a car careening dangerously through traffic. After saving the car, he found the driver drunk and asleep at the wheel!

Drunk driving is no joke and the guy needed to go to jail, but locking him in a giant bottle of booze was a bit too on the nose if you ask us. Also, how were the cops supposed to get the guy out of there? Regardless, the drunk learned a lesson he wasn't soon to forget.


Green Lantern Constructs Anything and Everything

There's one thing fans know about Hal Jordan and that's his common use of everyday things in his battles with bad guys. Every Green Lantern has a preference when throwing something onto the battlefield and while that has ranged from giant lawnmowers to big burly guys who pack a punch, Jordan's preferences are a bit different.

Most of the items he commonly uses are shown in the image above. The guy loves aircraft so an attack helicopter isn't a surprising addition, nor are the minigun, attack shark, baseball bat, boxing glove and swooping fist. All of these are his staples and you really have to make him mad to get them all at once.


Green Lantern Construct Super Aspirin

Back in Green Lantern #69, Hal Jordan was trapped by aliens who engulfed him in a stasis field that caused intense pain if he were to use his Green Lantern Ring. To combat this, he created a pill of super concentrated painkiller and took it to counter the pain-inducing effects.

Seeing as the ring can create anything and synthesis any form of radiation or matter, it makes sense that he can do this, but there is a limit. If he were to lose concentration for a fraction of a second, the pill would stop working as he would need to keep his mind on it for it to take the full effect.



About the only good thing to come out of the Green Lantern movie was Ryan Reynold's determination to make up for it with Deadpool. Other than that, there were a few constructs that weren't incredibly horrifying to behold. One such construct was imaginative and bizarre in all the right ways.

When a helicopter began its imminent plummet towards destruction, Hal Jordan managed to create a gigantic Hot Wheels racetrack and affix a drag racer to the helicopter to bring it down safely. It was stupid and weird, but also a fun use of the Ring and one of the few redeeming aspects of the film.


Green Lantern Construct Giant Head

When a city is being threatened with a flood that's certain to destroy it, it's up to Kyle Rayner to step in and deal with it. Most might throw down some giant green sandbags or even a huge sponge to soak up the water, but not Rayner. We already know he's going to do something complicated and amazingly unnecessary.

Instead of those obvious choices, Rayner constructs a gigantic floating head and straw he uses to literally suck up the deluge and save the day. Say what you want about his methods, but he does get results.



When you have the full range of your imagination available to craft weapons to take on a bad guy, there's literally nothing you can't hit a guy with. Gigantic boxing gloves, dragons, huge swords and anything else has been thought up and drawn into a comic, but when Kyle Rayner came along, the artists really started having some fun.

When Rayner caught up to the man who put his girlfriend in the refrigerator, he went full-on Green Lantern rage with his enemy, Major Force. He strapped him into an electric chair and shocked him with Green Lantern energy. He didn't end his life, but he could have had he not stopped himself.


Green Lantern Construct Kingdom Come Space Station

Alex Ross and Mark Waid's Kingdom Come was a brilliant look into the future lives of DC's biggest superheroes. The story imagined a future in which the Earth's superheroes had become so powerful and corrupt, they were just as bad as the villains they once stopped. That's when the old guys, led by Superman, return to the fight to set things right.

Alongside him was Hal Jordan whose use of the Green Lantern had surpassed the level of expert. He created his very own space station, which he lent to his superhero pals in the third issue. It was a fully-functioning space station and an amazing accomplishment... let's just hope he doesn't lose his concentration...


Green Lantern Construct Coast City

The Green Lantern Corps was once destroyed by one of its own when Hal Jordan went a little funny in the head. It all happened when his hometown of Coast City was destroyed along with everyone he loved and cared for. To cope with the loss, Jordan set about recreating the entire city and its full population with his Green Lantern Ring.

Unfortunately, that was something the good people of Oa didn't approve of so Jordan was called back to answer for his misuse of power. He didn't appreciate that and lost his cool by slaying every GL he came across before destroying it all when he finally reached Oa.

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