"Green Lantern" Uncovers Relic In New Variant Covers

After the staffing drama that enveloped DC Comics "Green Lantern" titles earlier this year, the publisher is pushing forward with the first concrete details on the future of Hal Jordan and companies journey. And the whole story begins with a Relic.

Debuting on DC's website earlier this week, a new villain with the ancient-sounding name appeared as designed by incoming "Green Lantern" artist Billy Tan, and today the publisher unveiled the pencils of the first of a series of black-and-white variant covers by Rags Morales. The covers will roll out across the four Green Lantern titles over the months of June, July and August to tease the origin of the new villain before they're colored and lettered as the interior of September's "Green Lantern" issue by new writer Robert Venditti.

In CBR's own recent interview with Venditti, the writer explained that the line as a whole would link together while working to keep each book its own ongoing story. "There will be common threads between ['Green Lantern' and 'Green Lantern Corps'] and there will certainly be conflicts that tie both books together and characters and things like that, but we definitely want all four books to stand on their own, have their own feel."

Stay tuned for more on "Green Lantern" and Relic on CBR.

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