"Green Lantern" Trailer Debuts

Earlier this evening, Entertainment Tonight premiered the trailer for "Green Lantern," next summer's anticipated blockbuster featuring Ryan Reynolds as the Emerald Knight.

The trailer -embedded below and also available on Apple's Web site - reveals reckless test pilot Hal Jordan who receives a ring from a dying alien (Temura Morrison). Hal is then transported to Oa, the headquarters of the Green Lantern Corps. CBR previously unveiled concept art of the planet and it appears the finished world closely hews to those designs. In the brief shots of Oa, Sinestro (Mark Strong), Tomar-Re and Kilowog are shown. The trailer also offers a first look at Peter Sarsgaard's take on Hector Hammond -- complete with giant forehead.

While the trailer marks the beginning of the film's final stride to the box office, it has been a long road for the project. Since the late 1990s, Warner Bros has looked to adapt the ring-bearing hero's mythology for a feature film. Initially attempting a straight action film, at one point development switched gears to a comedy-based script written by Robert Smigel with Jack Black slated to star. This attempt was nixed and a more traditional hero's origin film was spearheaded by Greg Berlanti with Mark Guggenheim and Michael Green. Berlanti was originally signed to direct, but scheduling conflicts prevented that from happening; director Martin Campbell took his place.

Since the initial appearance of Ryan Reynolds in his GL uniform on the cover of "Entertainment Weekly," the public has been skeptical of the costume. Eschewing the traditional body suit, director Campbell decided to add the familiar green and black uniform using CG after the scenes were filmed. When the cover was released, fans dismissed the result as appearing unfinished. With the arrival of clips from the trailer late last week, opinion has been decidedly mixed . Monday afternoon, The Los Angeles Times posted an article titled "'Green Lantern' -- let the costume controversy begin," with a still of Reynolds in the suit. "One thing we know about the computer-painted costume - those movie fans who enjoy seeing every gym-sculpted inch of the Reynolds physique will certainly get their money's worth," noted the LA Times' Geoff Boucher.

The trailer will be shown in theaters in front of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I" starting Wednesday. In the meantime, enjoy these shots from the trailer and stay with CBR as more of "Green Lantern" is revealed.

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