Green Lantern, Thor, Wanted 2: Feb 4th Comic Reel


Director Martin Campbell discusses with MTV News how the power of the ring will be realized in the film:

Starring Ryan Reynolds, release date: June 17th, 2011


Anthony Hopkins tells Sci Fi Wire, "I hope I look like God." The actor mentions he did not know director Kenneth Branagh well when the notion of appearing in "Thor" first came up. The two men met for coffee. "He said, 'Would you take the ['Thor'] script and read it and see what you think? And if you'd like to play Odin,'" Hopkins recalled.

Starring Chris Hemsworth, release date May 6th, 2011


IGN gets Mark Milliar to discuss the apadtation of the first film and the script for the sequel:

Release date: TBA


When "Watchmen" was finally becoming a film reality, I told people the worst case scenario wasn't a bad "Watchmen" movie. The most horrible thing that could happen was "Watchmen 2: The Search for Dr. Manhattan." I really should stop telling jokes like that. An old friend hears rumblings of various "Watchmen" spin off products in the works. While this scheme is focused on comics, could a sequel film or a Minute Men TV show be far behind?

Release date: TBA


With the clock ticking, director Joe Johnston tells Sci Fi Wire, "We have a very short list, but we're still juggling actors here. I'd say within the next couple of weeks we'll have ourselves a Captain America, I hope." With the film set to begin production in June, those announcements will come in a similar pattern as "Thor." That is to say, a flood. Johnston also mentions the character appeals to him because of the lack of superpowers. "He is the epitome of human perfection. He can't fly and throw tanks around and see through walls and things like that, but he's strong and runs fast," he said.

Release date: July 22nd, 2011


Kryptonsite has an interview with Geoff Johns about the long-anticipated "Absolute Justice." Johns discussed bringing the character to life. "[We were] going through all of the characters like Doctor Fate and his demeanor, with the differences between Doctor Fate and Kent Nelson; or how Star Girl, there is no difference, she is who she is, mask or not, because she's so earnest and pure. There was a lot of discussion about the characters, but it was really up to Glen and Tom to direct it, which I think they did a fantastic job. I got the two best guys to work with," says the writer.

New episode: Friday


Latino Review has a ... review(?) of the most current draft of "The Walking Dead" pilot. It's written in a fairly colorful prose style and it seems Latino Review's source has an axe to grin with producer Frank Darabont, AMC, and even Robert Kirkman. While light on details, the source calls the script a "rip-off" of zombie flicks with the cooler gore elements scrubbed out. Reading it over again, their source spends more time grinding his axes than reviewing the script. While it's possible the pilot could be a steaming pile, the agenda of the source obscures that possibility almost to the point of calling this the work of Mysterio.

Airs: TBA


Here at CBR, we have an interview with Chi McBride, who plays Winston on the show. Asked about the possibility of a mytharc, an overall reoccurring storyline, McBride said, "I think somewhere down the line there is, if not a mysterious organization, there's certainly a shady character in Chance's past that's a puppet master of sorts. We'll see that. How these guys cross paths and how all three of them are working in concert to help Chance escape his past. The problem is that Chance is seeking redemption, and that's not something that you find; it's something that you decide, that you give yourself, that you forgive yourself for whatever transgressions you've made, to quote Tiger Woods. [Laughs] That's the tough part, getting Chance to understand that that's the redemptive process."

Airs: Wednesdays


Remember back when DC Comics was restructured into DC Entertainment? That initial wave of press promised a series of announcements in January 2010. With that month now history, the announcements never materialized. It turns out they are still planned. During the Time Warner Q4 2009 Earnings Conference Call, Time Warner Chairman & CEO Jeff Bewkes told a caller, "We are going to have a fairly interesting set of announcements and presentations pretty soon like in a matter of weeks I think. About our plans for DC and basically if you look across the title of the whole band of hits whether its Batman, The Dark Knight, Green Lantern coming up, Superman, there have been a huge number of franchised films that have been part of the Warner [tent pole] strategy that's been the reason for Warner's unparallel high and consistent earnings advantage over the other studios and DC has already been a part of that and we are now going to outline an even more expansive plan for that in the coming months." I'm guessing the plan is still being ironed out between DC and Warner Bros. film division. I'm also filing this under "Superman" because I imagine these announcements will include a plan for the struggling franchise.

Release date: TBA


It seems the Arrowette leak from the other day isn't the first mention of "Young Justice." A reader sent me a link to this post on the Twitpic account of actor Tequan Richmond. Dated November 20, 2009, Richmond writes, "This is what the kartoon looks like, AQUALAD for Young Justice league I read for 2nite." It's unclear if he actually got the part, but it seems the actors involved with this project aren't being told to keep it quiet.

Release date: TBA


"Mass Effect 2" has taken over all my downtime. It's really good game, but the resource mining minigame is utter frustration for a completist like me. A reader sent in a complete recipe for a Rainwater Martini. We'll be using it on Saturday and if successful, I'll release the formula next week. Meanwhile, if any of you in the great, wide Internet discover something awesome, disheartening, just plain weird, or spot Mysterio up to his usual hi-jinks, let us know! Take credit, come up with a clever nickname, or go anonymous. The choice is yours. Fresh rumors and movie news every weekday morning. I am Erik Amaya bracing for the future threat of "Mass Effect" withdrawal.

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