Green Lantern, Thor, Cowboys & Aliens: Apr 4th Comic Reel


Okay, we've got plenty of news coming out of WonderCon for the next few days, but let's start with the "Green Lantern" footage:

While attendees of the WonderCon panel got a longer presentation, I think this preview gets the point across quite well. Here at CBR, we have a plentiful screenshot gallery, which includes this still of Kilowog and Tomar-Re:

Spinoff Online spotted a couple of TV spots for the film. I think this one sells it well:

Finally, we have the new poster for the film:

I think the movie's going to work out and be pretty cool.

Starring Ryan Reynolds, release date: June 17th, 2011


Not to be outclassed by the Emerald Warriors, the God of Thunder also has a few new TV spots (via Spinoff Online). Here's one of them:

Spinoff also has these new "Face-Off" posters featuring Loki and Thor:

Starring Chris Hemsworth, release date: May 6th, 2011


Collider has a video interview with director Jon Favreau:

We should have a full report on the "Cowboy & Aliens" presentation up soon. This might be the film I'm looking foward to the most this year.

Starring Daniel Craig, release date: July 29th, 2011


MTV News has a video interview with star Henry Cavill, who talks about preparing to play the Man of Steel and the new Lois Lane, Amy Adams:

Meanwhile, Movienewz (via Comic Book Movie) claims to have details of the film's plot. According to their source, "General Sam Lane, the father of Lois Lane, is a central figure in director Zack Snyder's 'Superman' reboot. This really is as Zack described in several interviews about the film, a 'real world' Superman. I'm told that when Superman arrives on the scene; people don't know what to think. He's an alien from another planet. What are his real intentions? He's not human and that scares a lot of people." That's a fairly good "Year One" style story prompt. The source goes on to say that General Lane supervises the construction of Metallo, the Kryptonite-powered cyborg. Should this prove to be true, Superman will finally have an opponent he can hit. With his fists.

Release date: 2012?


Superhero Hype reports that the new issue of Total Film will feature the X-Men in a series of covers stylized from the period in which the film is set. While one features a nice shot of January Jones as Emma Frost, I think this one trumps it for 60s chic:

Release date: June 3rd, 2011


Latino Review has a longish video interview with star Brandon Routh:

Brandon Routh Talks Dylan Dog: Dead Of Night from Kellvin Chavez on Vimeo.

Release date: April 29th, 2011


According to Spinoff Online, the next DC Universe Animated movie after "Batman: Year One" will be based on Mark Waid's "Tower of Babel" storyline, in which Batman's secret files on his colleagues fall into the hands of Ra's Al Ghul. The project is currently called "Justice League: Doom" and will feature the last script written by the late Dwayne McDuffie.

Release date: 2012


Collider repots that former "Heroes" stars Adrian Pasdar and Milo Ventimiglia will voice Iron Man and Wolverine, respectively, in the American dubs of the Marvel project originally conceived for the Southest Asian market.

Airdate: TBA


Here at CBR, we have a report on the WonderCon panel that not only featured a screening of the film, but a Q&A session with DC editor Eddie Berganza, Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns, co-write Alan Burnett, executive producer Bruce Timm, voice director Andrea Romano, and voice actor Wade Williams. Romano tells a funny story about the two Hal Jordans, Ryan Reynolds and Nathan Fillion. "[Nathan] was sitting with a television in front of him, watching his performance, and he suddenly paused us. He took out his iPhone and took a picture of the screen," she says. "His old, dear friend Ryan Reynolds from 'Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place,' had sent him a text message, 'We've stolen your makeup girl, and I'm going to keep her.' Nathan sent his picture of the television screen and microphone, with the message, 'We've stolen your Green Lantern, and I'm going to keep him.'"

Release date: June 7th, 2011


Over at Spinoff Online, I have a report on the WonderCon presenation for the series. I have to say the clips intrigued me. The show is about an alien occupation instead of an invasion, which is a premise that has long deserved long-form treatment as a series.

Airdate: TBA


While I'd like to recover from the drive back last night, I have a few more stories to file from WonderCon. It was a good show and a good trip. Meanwhile, if any of you in the great, wide Internet discover something awesome, disheartening, or just plain weird, let us know! Take credit, come up with a clever nickname, or go anonymous. The choice is yours. Fresh rumors and movie news every weekday morning. I am Erik Amaya, bracing for the future threat of Comic-Con.

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