10 Green Lantern Stories Too Weird For the Big Screen

The DC Extended Universe has had its fair share of ups and downs over the last six years. Characters like Wonder Woman, Shazam, and Aquaman have starred in financially successful and critically acclaimed movies while the likes of Batman and Superman have struggled to strike a chord with fans.

For years, DC fans have wondered if the Green Lanterns - DC's premiere intergalactic police force - will ever debut on the big screen. If Warner Bros. and DC Films eventually decide to give the Emerald Knights a proper film adaptation, here are 10 storylines that will probably be too weird for the big screen.

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10 Hal Jordan's Stint As Pol Manning

Pol Manning is an alternate alias that the Green Lantern Hal Jordan used one time. That's the simple explanation. The complicated, non-sensical truth of the matter is that Hal was transported to the 51st Century, had his mind wiped, and believed that he was a famous space explorer. Things get even weirder when Hal subconsciously creates an evil clone that takes up the Pol Manning moniker.

Sanity and reason are entirely tossed out the window later on when Salakk, another Green Lantern, travels to the future and starts calling himself Pol Manning. This storyline became so contrived that DC retconned it out of existence during their Crisis on Infinite Earths event.

9 John Stewart Blows Up A Planet

No, we're not talking about the former host of The Daily Show - though that'd be an exciting sight to behold. We're talking about the Architect/ US Marine turned Green Lantern John Stewart - with an "h." In contemporary pop culture, John is famous for being one of the first heroes of color to make an impact in the world of comic books.

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But back during the late 1980s, John Stewart was infamous for having a bad temper and being very arrogant. The old-timers say that "pride comes before a great fall." John Stewart can attest to that claim, as his ego led to the destruction of an entire planet! During DC's original Cosmic Odyssey series, John Stewart and The Martian Manhunter were sent to deactivate a bomb. Stewart didn't want The Manhunter to steal his thunder, so he sent the Martian away. When John found the explosive, he discovered that he couldn't disarm it... because it was yellow.

8 Alan Scott Gets Beaten By Wood

Alan Scott Green Lantern

Speaking of ridiculous weaknesses, let's talk about Alan Scott's inability to manipulate anything made out of wood. For those who don't know, Alan Scott is the original Green Lantern. The Bearer of the Starheart is one of the oldest characters in DC's stable, first hitting the scene back in 1940!

Alan Scott has taken on all comers - from immortal zombies to highly trained hitmen - and has lived to tell the tale. But Guardians forbid if Scott has to contend with a falling tree or a little kid with a baseball bat! The comics have created numerous explanations to justify Scott's weakness over the years. The way we see it, none of them will translate that well on the big screen.

7 Bizzaro Green Lantern

We're assuming that everyone reading this is familiar with DC's flagship joke character Bizarro, right? He's the result of Otto Binder and George Papp taking everything that fans love about Superman - his powers, her personality, his values - and turning them inside-out for kicks and giggles. The Green Lanterns were given the same treatment in 2007, during DC Comics' Escape from Bizarro World storyline.

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Bizarro Green Lantern is essentially a Yellow Lantern with severe mental blocks. His powers are fueled by fear just like Sinestro, but Bizarro Green Lantern lacks the creativity or intelligence to do any real damage. We could see BGL getting referenced in a joke, or making a cameo in one of Lego Movies, but we don't really think he's "main bad guy" material.

6 Ch’p Gets Run Over By A Yellow Truck

One of the coolest things about the Green Lantern Corps is that anyone can join, so long as they possess enough willpower. One's race, creed, religion, sexual orientation, and species don't matter - if you've got the will, you could potentially join the Corps. Ch'p, an extraterrestrial Green Lantern that looks like a squirrel, is living proof of that claim. Or at least he was until he got run over by a truck.

It's the early 1990's. The Power Battery on Oa - the source of the Green Lantern's powers - was just turned to ash. Ch'p was one of the few Lanterns who still retained his powers but lost his will to live. Salakk and John Stewart team up and try to help Ch'p get better. Just when the little guy is on the cusp of a breakthrough, he gets flattened by a tractor-trailer. To add insult to injury, the truck was yellow.

5 Green Lantern/ Star Trek Crossover

Star Trek/Green Lantern: The Spectrum War is a story where Captain Kirk and co. teams up with Hal Jordan and friends to fight the Grim Reaper in space. This story is definitely out there, but just because something's strange doesn't mean that it isn't good. This 2015 crossover story definitely came out of the woodwork, but it's received a solid amount of critical acclaim.

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The reason that we feel Star Trek/Green Lantern: The Spectrum War is a storyline that's too weird for the big screen is tragic in nature; Spectrum War is based on the original, 1960s Enterprise crew, and it would definitely be weird to attempt this kind of movie without the original cast all being able to come back together again.

4 The Iron Lantern

If you thought that Star Trek/ Green Lantern was an unlikely crossover, wait until you get a load of the Iron Lantern. As his name implies, the Iron Lantern is an amalgamation of Tony Stark and Hal Jordan. IL hails from the Amalgam Universe - an alternate reality that's filled with fusions of famous Marvel and DC Comics heroes.

Iron Lantern's origin story is a neat mix of Stark's and Jordan's; billionaire playboy Hal Stark crashlands on a distant planet, finds an alien spaceship, and makes his first suit out of its wreckage. Since Marvel Studios and DC Films are in stark competition with each other, it's highly unlikely that we'll ever see the Iron Lantern's origin story play out onscreen.

3 Anything Involving G’nort

G'nort is another character with a really convoluted backstory. In layman's terms, G'nort is a humanoid dog that got accepted into the Green Lanter Corps on accident. The strangeness doesn't stop with G'nort's origin story though; he's actually the cousin of Larfleeze the Orange Lantern.

It'd be hard to make a G'nort film because he's a joke character without a punchline. Bizarro works because he's a parody of Superman - playfully making fun of the Man of Steel's most famous tropes while also reminding us why we love Supes so much. G'norts stories usually just involve him showing up, failing spectacularly, and then leaving. Maybe there's a place for G'nort on the DC Universe streaming service, but probably not on the big screen.

2 Kyle Rayner's GF Gets Stuffed In A Fridge

We're veering into the Dark Age of Comics' territory dear readers. Brace yourselves and break out the hydrogen peroxide because things are about to get edgy! During the 1990s, comic book artist turned Green Lantern Kyle Rayner was making waves as a fun loving, kind hearted successor to Hal Jordan. DC wanted to add more drama to Rayner's character, so they decided to have Major Force kill Kyle's girlfriend and leave her remains in the couple's refrigerator.

Alexandra DeWitt's death was so poorly received that writer Gail Simone coined the term "Woman in Refrigerator Syndrome." Whenever a female love interest is killed to add more angst or drama to a male character's life, folks will often say that said female character was "stuffed in a fridge."

1 Hal Jordan Dates A Teenager

Arisia Rrab is a Green Lantern the planet Graxos IV. She's a kind and courageous young woman that's incredibly proficient with a power ring. On paper, she seems like the kind of girl that'd be a perfect match for Hal Jordan - one of the greatest Green Lanterns of all time. But therein lies the problem - Arisia was actually a girl when she and Hal Jordan started dating!

Arisia's ring biologically aged her up, but it didn't affect her mental faculties in slightest. Arisia still talked like a kid and thought like a kid - a no amount of sci-fi mumbo-jumbo made her interactions with Hal any less weird!

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