How Did Green Lantern Used to Stop Sinestro's Yellow Ring?

This "How Can I Explain?", which is a feature spotlighting inexplicable comic book plots, like, for instance, why did Green Lantern used to be able to stop Sinestro's yellow power ring?

In recent years, Green Lantern writers have eliminated the yellow weakness (it's not FULLY eliminated, but pretty much gone for any veteran Green Lantern Corps member). However, for many, many years, Green Lantern Corps members had a weakness to yellow, as Abin Sur explained to Hal Jordan in Green Lantern #1...

Later that issue, Hal has a problem with a dude just WEARING yellow!

In the next issue, Hal can't stop a guy throwing a golden thunderbolt and using a golden shield to protect himself...

And yet, as soon as Hal fought against Sinestro and his yellow ring in Green Lantern #9, his ring worked against it...

In Green Lantern #15, it did even BETTER!!

If you hit Hal Jordan with a yellow lamp, he'd be screwed, but somehow yellow ring constructs do nothing?

Obviously, it wouldn't be very fun if Sinestro could do whatever he wanted to Hal (he could just run up and kill him at any time), but the writers didn't introduce a reason then why he COULDN'T. It was only later writers who just dropped the yellow weakness period.

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