Green Lantern, Sin City, Smallville, Blade: Trinity: November 16th Comic Reel Wrap


According to Dark Horizons, "An interesting casting rumour has emerged -- Ben Browder."


Sci Fi Wire has more from actress Rosario Dawson, talking about her role. "I play this character named Gail, who used to be a prostitute and walks around in a sort of like leather string to blend in," Dawson said. "I have handcuffs on my hip and a machine gun in my hand. I sent pictures back to my mom, and I look like an S&M superhero. She was like, 'Oh, my God, Rosario, what's your superhero name?' And I said 'Gail.'"


Coming in from all directions: first up, veteran actress Jane Seymour talked to Zap2It about her upcoming five episode stint as Genevieve Teague on the hit WB series. "I've been taking some things recently," Seymour said, "that are quite different from what I'm known for doing. Not that I wasn't known for doing these things before 'Dr. Quinn' -- I've been playing these evil vamps for many, many years -- but with selective memory on the part of the networks, they've forgotten that I did that. When I arrived, I was led to believe that I was pretty evil. Then they said that I wasn't necessarily that evil, but I could be. And so, I played it that way, because of course, evil people believe they're absolutely right in their choices, and they're not evil at all. So when you play someone evil, you play them the same way as when you play somebody good, because as far as you're concerned, you're doing this for the right motives. So it depends on what they put me into in terms of the story whether I am perceived to be evil or not. I definitely played it with an edge of evil."

Second, those wacky kids at Devoted to Smallville have a fresh teaser (Windows Media only) for this week's episode "Bound."

Then, Kryptonsite, the granddaddy of all "Smallville" sites, has eight new images from the December 1st episode "Scare."

Finally, Eddie over at IESB emailed us to point out a video interview (Windows Media only) with John Schneider, who they caught up with at the premiere of "Spongebob Squarepants."


Speaking of IESB, they also have a video interview (Real Player only) with director David Goyer and actors Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds, talking about the toothy sequel.


Cartoon Network has once again juggled the schedule, and will be showing "Ultimatum" Saturday December 4th at 8:30 PM EST, according to Comics Continuum. The network description of the episode is as follows: "The Justice League meets the Ultimen, a popular group of young heroes who are about to discover their own horrifying secret origins."


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