Green Lantern Movie Concept Art Gives Us a Truly Horrific Villain

After unveiling some recent concept art from Shazam!, artist Jerad S. Marantz has released another piece of concept art from Warner Bros.' Green Lantern movie. However, this time the focus is on Green Lantern's archnemesis, Hector Hammond.

In an Instagram post, Marantz showcases a Hammond more faithful to the comic with an enormous cranium. Marantz even added metal restraints and a neck brace to accentuate the magnitude of Hammond's skull. The metal wheelchair and stitch-covered skull fractures make the concept even more grotesque.

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"Here’s another old Green Lantern concept for the film," Marantz wrote. "A lot of big heads in that universe and this one belonged to Hector Hammond. I did this concept in photoshop. It was fun to just paint something."

In the 2011 adaptation starring Ryan Reynolds, the film version of Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard) is a scientist exposed to the Parallax entity, while the comic version is a petty thief who gains intelligence through radiation from a meteorite.

This new concept art could be interpreted as a missed opportunity. But considering the poor reception of the film's CGI, it may have been a good thing this visual look for Hammond didn't occur.

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Fans may get the opportunity to see Hector Hammond on the big screen again, once Warner Bros. begins development on its Green Lantern Corps movie. Geoff Johns is reportedly working on Green Lantern Corps under his Mad Ghost Productions studio.

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