Power Ring My Bell: 16 People Who Slept With A Green Lantern

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The Green Lantern Corps is the largest and most powerful law enforcement agency in the DC universe. Bringing together aliens from across the stars, members are tasked with maintaining order in their sectors with the power ring, a powerful piece of jewelry that brings their imagination to life. With enough willpower, any Green Lantern can create anything they imagine, as well as travel in deep space and fight evil. Maybe it's because of the sheer number of members or maybe it's because everyone loves a man, woman or genderless life form in uniform, but Green Lanterns have gotten pretty busy.

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Starting with Alan Scott in 1940, there have been six other Green Lanterns of Earth and they've all had different relationships with aliens and humans, usually multiple times. Some of the encounters have been strictly one-night stands while others have been long-term relationships. Some Earth-based Green Lanterns have been with other Earthlings while a few Green Lanterns have hooked up with each other. DC is gearing up to make a Green Lantern Corps movie in 2020, and there are rumors a Green Lantern will show up in Justice League on November 2017, so let's talk about 16 people who slept with a Green Lantern.

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In 1997's Green Lantern #83 (Ron Marz, Darryl Banks), we learned Yrra Cynril was a member of the royal family of the planet Xanshi who left her world to study and became the only survivor when the planet was accidentally destroyed in John Stewart's quest to stop the Anti-Life Equation. She called herself Fatality with the goal of killing off every member of the Green Lantern Corps, starting with Kyle Rayner before focusing her hatred on Stewart.

After a campaign of trying to kill Stewart, Fatality was taken by the Zamarons and forcibly brainwashed by turning her hate into love. Fatality went to Stewart and not only forgave him but fell in love with him, and the two became a couple. Unfortunately, it turned out the programming didn't take and she went back to hating him again.



While most worlds welcome the Green Lantern Corps as a force for justice, Korugar had the opposite opinion. That's because Korugar was home to the Green Lantern Sinestro, who used his power ring to enslave his people. That's why Soranik Natu was reluctant to wear the power ring, knowing how her race had suffered under it, but she found a use for the ring as a doctor and protector, and chose to remain in the Corps. She also found love with Kyle Rayner.

They first met when Soranik joined him to hunt down the Sinestro Corps member Krybb. As Rayner has risen through the ranks of the Corps, becoming a member of Honor Guard and Ion, Rayner and Soranik have been through a lot -- including most recently discovering they have a child together in the future, which effectively dissolved their on-again-off-again romance and sent Soranik spiralling into her new role as fanatical leader of the Sinestro Corps.


Mari Jiwe McCabe -- better known as Vixen -- was created by Gerry Conway and Bob Oksner in Action Comics #521 (1981). She has the power to take abilities from different animals to use in fighting crime, and she's been a popular African-American character in a number of DC versions, including Justice League Unlimited. That's where she started a relationship with John Stewart.

She first appeared in the 11th episode of the first season of Justice League Unlimited called "Wake the Dead" where she was already his girlfriend. At the time, his teammate Hawkgirl felt threatened by her but tried to get along. Vixen and Stewart enjoyed each other throughout their time on the show, but a flashback in Justice League Beyond showed Vixen was killed by Shadow Thief just when Stewart planned to propose to her. A sad end, indeed.



The first Green Lantern in the DC universe was Alan Scott whose powers to make energy constructs were based on magic instead of science. One of his oldest enemies was Thorn, first introduced in 1947's Flash Comics #89 by John Broome and artist Carmine Infantino. As a botanist, Rose Canton developed a split personality with the power to control plants and a hatred of the Flash, but she was seemingly cured when Scott took her to the Amazon Island of Transformation.

She developed a new personality in Alyx Florin and fell in love with Scott without him knowing who she was. The two were married and their union produced a daughter, Jade. Sadly, Rose's evil personality came back and she committed suicide to keep her Thorn personality from hurting anyone else.



In 1947, the original Green Lantern Alan Scott fought a villain calling herself Harlequin whose real name was Molly Maynne. Originally his secretary who started crime just to get the attention of Scott, she was mostly harmless and even worked with him and the Justice Society of America on occasion. Scott was attracted to her as well but resisted her because of her past.

Years after his first wife Rose died, Scott admitted to her and himself that he really did love Harlequin. He married her, but the fact that the magical Starheart that gave him his power kept him young became a problem because she continued to age. After she tried to sell her soul to try to become young again, Scott allowed himself to show his age and Molly decided to stay by his side... before their past was retconned out after the New 52, that is.


donna troy wonder girl

Donna Troy is Wonder Girl, the younger heroine originally making her debut in 1965's The Brave and the Bold #60 (Bob Haney, Bruno Premiani). Her origin has changed several times over the years with ties to the Amazons and Greek mythology, but she's typically seen as a teenage version of Wonder Woman.

Her connection to the Green Lanterns came during the Zero Hour crisis where she lost her powers, her farm was destroyed and she lost custody of her son. Donna rejoined the New Titans with new powers as a Darkstar and slowly drew closer to Kyle Rayner. Their relationship kept breaking apart and coming back together until her son, step-daughter and ex-husband were all killed in a car accident. That was too much for her to handle, and Rayner and Troy haven't been together since.



In 1961, Green Lantern #8 (John Broome, Gil Kane) introduced Iona Vane in a bizarre love triangle that spanned thousands of years. Earth in the year 5700 AD decided to bring Hal Jordan to their time to protect their world. The time machines wiped Hal's memory when he arrived, so they tricked him into believing he was an explorer of his time named Pol Manning, complete with a girlfriend Iona Vane.

Over the years, Hal was pulled back to the future time and again, all the time enjoying Vane's company until 1987's Green Lantern Corps #214 (Steve Englehart, Ian Gibson), when the futuristic Council took another Lantern named Salaak instead of Hal by mistake. The same plan kicked in with Salaak convinced he was Pol Manning while Vane was his faithful lover. Salaak decided to stay, even when he found out the truth.


First seen in 1990's Green Lantern #1 (Gerard Jones, Pat Broderick), Rose was a farmer who gave Hal work in exchange for room and board when he was trying to reconnect with his humanity. Along the way, she and Hal gave in to a mutual attraction and (it's implied) became lovers. When she found out he was Green Lantern, she ended their relationship.

Hardin entered John Stewart's life when the insane Guardian Appa Ali Apsa took cities all over the Universe that Stewart had visited and transplanted them onto the surface of Oa. The newly assembled world became known as Mosaic, and since Hardin's home town was one of those new cities, she became a resident. When Stewart was made the Green Lantern of Mosaic, Hardin helped him with policing the chaos, and also fell in love with him.



In 1994's Green Lantern #48 (Ron Marz, Darryl Banks), we first met freelance artist Kyle Rayner who was given the last remaining power ring after the Green Lantern Corps was destroyed. We also met his photographer ex-girlfriend Alexandra Dewitt. He slept on her couch while she helped him learn how to use the ring and deal with his new powers, they fell deeply in love again as he matured and became more responsible.

Their relationship seemed to be going well as Kyle bought an engagement ring and was about to propose, but it came to a dark end when a clandestine group sent the supervillain Major Force to find out the secret of his ring and the lantern. When Major Force arrived at their apartment, he killed her and stuffed her body into the fridge for Kyle to find. He's never truly gotten over her or her (extremely controversial) death.



The Green Lantern Corps was reduced from thousands to one when the fear entity Parallax took control of Hal Jordan, leading him to infect the Central Power Battery. In the process, all the Green Lantern power rings were drained of energy and became useless, leaving Green Lanterns stranded all over the universe except for the chosen "torchbearer" of the Corps, Kyle Rayner.

In 1994’s Green Lantern #56 (Ron Marz, Darryl Banks), Rayner got into a bar fight on an alien world and met a former Lantern named Adara. She had been left wandering the universe after the loss of her power and was desperate to get a working ring again. She spent the night with Rayner, who woke up to find she had stolen his ring. However, when she discovered it would only work for Kyle, she shot herself, unable to live without the Corps.



Arisia Rrab was a teenage Green Lantern who first appeared in Tales of the Green Lantern Corps #1 (Mike Barr, Len Wein, Joe Staton and Frank McLaughlin). At first, she was a plucky young sidekick of Hal Jordan until she developed a crush on him that turned into true love. At first, he resisted her because he thought she was too young, but her ring read her desire for him and she slowly began to change into a grown woman thanks to its power and her own will.

With her physical body now as an adult woman, Hal was free to pursue her, and did. The two of them had a very physical relationship until she lost her ring and the stress led him to turn on her. They finally broke up and have stayed friends, but never got back together, even though it was revealed that her tragic death was only temporary.



In the animated TV series Justice League, Green Lantern John Stewart was forced to partner with Hawkgirl, but the two didn't get along at all at first. That changed in 2003's two-part episode "Wild Cards," written by Stan Berkowitz and Dwayne McDuffie, and directed by Butch Lukic. When they raced to stop the Joker from blowing up bombs all over Las Vegas, Stewart admitted he had fallen for her. Even though she resisted because they were different species, Hawkgirl eventually gave in.

Hawkgirl and John Stewart seemed happy, but that all changed when the series finale revealed she had been sent from her home planet of Thanagar to weaken Earth for invasion. Even though she tried to make up for it by changing sides, the League no longer trusted her and that included Stewart.



Created by Jerry Ordway and Roy Thomas in 1983's All-Star Squadron #25, Thorn and Scott's daughter became the superhero Jade. Born with her power of the Starheart as part of her body, Jade could create green constructs without a ring or lantern. She was part of the All-Star Squadron and started dating Kyle Rayner whose power with the Green Lantern Corps was beyond hers.

Jade and Kyle Rayner made a hot couple until she lost her power, leaving her devastated until she was able to join the Green Lantern Corps. During a battle, her power of the Starheart was restored by Kyle using his power as Ion, but she ended her relationship with Rayner when they returned to Earth. Her death later on was devastating to him, though it did give him back his all-powerful Ion energies for a time.



We haven't talked much about Guy Gardner, but that doesn't mean he hasn't had his share of women. In 1988, Justice League International #12 (Keith Giffen, J. M. DeMatteis, Kevin Maguire), one of the team members was Tora Olafsdotter who called herself Ice and had the power to make and control (what else) ice. She was often partnered with her friend Fire whose flame powers and hot temper meshed well with her quiet and shy personality.

With Guy's tough guy attitude, it might have surprised her teammates when she started dating him, but they turned out to make a pretty nice couple. Though they had their share of problems, when she was killed, Guy Gardner made his way to her home city for the memorial and her mother called him "son."



The evil Sinestro is one of Green Lantern Corps' biggest failures, not because he was bad with the ring, but because he was a traitor to willpower as a servant of fear. Once a respected Lantern, he was exposed as a tyrant on his homeworld Korugar, which condemned the Corps as a whjole, even though the villain was expelled. Since then, Katma Tui rose up from Korugar to redeem them by becoming a Green Lantern herself. She was also beautiful and attracted the attention of Hal Jordan who started as her partner but became her lover.

Later on, Tui broke up with Jordan and began seeing John Stewart, who she found true happiness with. They got married and moved in together on Earth, but the marriage ended tragically when Jordan’s girlfriend Carol Ferris became possessed by Star Sapphire. In Action Comics #601 (Christopher Priest, Gil Kane), Star Sapphire killed Katma Tui in the kitchen, tearing Stewart apart (emotionally).


Hal Jordan holding Carol Ferris

When it comes to Hal Jordan, his longest relationship has been with Carol Ferris, who first appeared in 1959's Showcase #22 by John Broome and Gil Kane. She was the vice president of Ferris Aircraft, the company Hal worked for as a test pilot, and was deeply in love with the handsome guy even before she knew he was Green Lantern. They started dating and she was his support and lover for years but it wasn't easy.

In Green Lantern #16 (John Broom, Gil Kane), she was crowned the new Star Sapphire by the Zamarons, a splinter race of the Guardians of the Universe that turned Ferris into Hal's enemy. Besides killing Katma Tui, Ferris' Star Sapphire persona fought Jordan for decades until she was finally turned away from evil under a reformed Star Sapphire corps.

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