Even Before the Original Fridge, Green Lantern Was a Place for Fridging

The new editor on the feature, Denny O'Neil, hired Jim Owsley, who had worked for O'Neil on Power Man and Iron Fist, to write the Green Lantern feature. O'Neil famously had decided to end that previous series by having Iron Fist killed off and Power Man framed for the murder of his partner (O'Neil was irked at the series being canceled). Well, O'Neil would once again involve Owsley in a comic book killing.

The series begins in Action Comics #601 (art by Gil Kane), with Hal and his girlfriend, Arisia, living with John and Katma Tui in their apartment and Hal looking for work...

I've heard people also complain about how Katma was written here, but I dunno, she makes a very legitimate complaint on the one page and then apologizes on the second page. I wouldn't say she was being written as a jerk or anything.

In any event, Hal goes off to pick up some of those sweet blood diamonds and while he is gone, Star Sapphire (who had gone totally psycho killer all of a sudden) shows up and murders Katma Tui as a message to Hal...

The next issue, John Stewart goes further in explaining how this is all Hal's fault...

Sooo....yeah, that was messed up. A longtime Green Lantern hero killed off just as some sort of psychotic message to Hal Jordan? She wasn't even INVOLVED with Hal Jordan!

Oh, one last weird bit, Guy Gardner gets dinged out of nowhere, as we learn that he laughed at the news that Katma was dead...

What the what?

Sadly for Katma Tui is that despite DC's various reboots, she has been sort of solidified as John Stewart's Uncle Ben, so she will probably remain dead for the foreseeable future (there was actually this one Green Lantern: Mosaic story that I'll probably write about in the future where she looked like she was actually

brought back. It went nowhere in the end).

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