Green Lantern: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jessica Cruz

In the years since the Green Lantern Corps was introduced into DC Comics, there have been many memorable heroes who have taken the mantle of the Green Lantern of Earth, within the assigned sector, Sector 2814. Heroes like Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, John Stewart, Guy Gardner and more recently Simon Baz have become the Green Lantern of Earth.

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In the most recent years of DC Comics, a new Green Lantern has emerged, and has quickly become a fan favorite. Jessica Cruz is quite possibly one of the strongest Green Lanterns aside from Hal Jordan, so here are a few things to know about the new Green Lantern.

10 Forced To Become Power Ring

One of the things to know about Jessica is that she didn’t choose to enter this superhero life. After witnessing her friends being taken out by mobsters, she went into hiding for years, developing anxiety and not wanting to leave her own home. After Power Ring passed away in battle during the Crime Syndicate’s attack on Prime Earth, Volthoom used the ring to find a new ring bearer.

Jessica’s fear drew Volthoom to her, and she became the first Power Ring to be forced to wear the ring. Batman helps her de-power the ring by having Jessica face her fears.

9 Sacrifices Life To Save The Flash

After Darkseid’s daughter Grail used the Power Ring and Jessica to bring the Anti-Monitor to Earth, Jessica is sent with other heroes to free the Crime Syndicate to stop the threat. However this causes Volthoom to completely possess her body. During the confrontation with Darkseid and Grail however, Jessica found her heroic opportunity.

After Grail separated the Black Racer from The Flash, the deadly Black Racer began to chase after The Flash. Knowing it sought a soul, Jessica convinced Cyborg to override Volthoom’s hold on the ring enough to allow her to jump in front of the Black Racer, sacrificing herself.

8 Became New Green Lantern During Rebirth Era

It was soon discovered after her sacrifice however that she had survived the encounter. It turned out that it was Volthoom, not Jessica, who had been touched by the Black Racer, crumbling the power ring to dust and allowing a Green Lantern ring to descend to the battlefield, naming Jessica Cruz as the next Green Lantern.

It was during the following Rebirth era that Hal Jordan named her as Green Lantern Simon Baz’s new partner. Together they were to police Sector 2814, helping one another to learn to become the best Green Lantern’s possible and forming a brand new friendship.

7 Suffered Doubt Over Green Lantern Status

Jessica’s early adventures as a Green Lantern had not been easy. Still suffering from anxiety, Jessica doubted herself and her ability to be a hero at all, let alone a powerful Green Lantern. She also had trouble forming constructs with her ring, and often clashed with Simon Baz during their first few missions.

Soon however the two found a balance and friendship, and she learned her true worth during the fight to protect the Phantom Ring, a device created to allow anyone to channel any emotional spectrum power they wished. When she wore it, it automatically turned her into a Green Lantern, proving her worth.

6 Found Romance Off And On With The Flash

In the first few storylines of the Rebirth era of the Justice League, Jessica found herself enjoying a powerful friendship and partial romance with fellow Justice League member Barry Allen, aka The Flash. During a time when he and Iris had not yet reached the romance part of their relationship, Barry found himself asking Jessica out.

The two struggled as Barry dealt with the memory of he and Iris from a previous life while Jessica’s anxiety caused doubts. Things became complex when their three children from the future sought their help with other children of the League from a future threat.

5 Punched Guy Gardner

After a few adventures with the Justice League and working with Simon Baz, both she and Simon are recalled to the Green Lantern’s home world of MOGO, where they are assigned by Corps Leader John Stewart to undergo training to solidify their ranking as a Green Lantern member. John then assigns Jessica to train with Guy Gardner.

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Known as the toughest and most hard-headed member of the Corps, Jessica’s anxiety is put to the test as Guy pushes her over and over again, trying to see if she has the willpower to overcome his training. She ends up punching him in the face, earning his respect.

4 Stops Cult Using Superhero Dating App

One of the more unique storylines the character has endured has to be when a cult from space called the Order of the Steed begins abducting heroes from Earth using a dating app called Caper. After Simon learns one of his previous dates has gone missing, they both discover Caper is a front for the cult to abduct superpowered beings in a trafficking scheme to spread their message.

Not only do they stop the threat, but in an interesting plot twist Jessica’s attempt to sign up for the service previously reveals she matched with none other than her partner Simon Baz.

3 Helped Fight Cyborg Superman

One of the most dangerous missions Jessica faced came when the entire Green Lantern Corps was nearly destroyed. When events begin happening that show the rings the Lanterns wear have been falsely instructing the heroes, Jessica becomes the only defender of Simon Baz, who has been targeted to be framed by outside forces for crimes.

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It is discovered that a reawakened Cyborg Superman has invaded the Central Power Battery, infecting all the Corps rings and uses it to take possession of the Phantom Ring, making him nearly unstoppable. Jessica reunites with Simon and they help battle the villain on Earth.

2 Joins Justice League Odyssey

After the universe-altering events of Justice League: No Justice, the teams and roles of various heroes changed dramatically. One of the new groups that occurred was Justice League Odyssey. The team originally consisted of Cyborg, Azrael and Starfire, but soon they were joined by Jessica when they arrived at the Ghost Sector, which she had been charged to patrol.

The sector was home to the worlds released from the Coluans during No Justice, which Jessica was charged to protect. She attempted to stop them from entering the sector, but was dragged along instead and found herself joining the team.

1 Taken Out By Darkseid

One of the most shocking things about Jessica’s journey has to be the recent events that saw her demise. In a not shocking turn of events, Darkseid turned on Justice League Odyssey, gaining ultimate power and turning Cyborg, Starfire and Azrael into his new heralds of the New Gods.

When Jessica is the only one standing in his way, she delivers a powerful punch to the New God, but her ring is depleted and she is unable to stop him altogether. He incinerates her with his Omega Beams, but the power of the beams infuses into her ring, resurrecting her and giving her new Omega powers.

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