Green Lantern honored by GLAAD

Official Press Release

On May 31, GREEN LANTERN was honored for the second consecutive year with the GLAAD Award for "Outstanding Comic." The award was given for the storyline "Hate Crime," from issues #154-155, in which Kyle Rayner's assistant, Terry Berg, became the victim of a vicious attack.

"More than anything, I was proud that we put the issue of hate crimes out there," Winick said in his acceptance speech. "The media never seems to cover the issue unless someone is attacked, beaten or murdered. In our case, we put out a comic-book story, and it was in the New York Times and picked up by the AP. Hate crimes got national coverage because of a few comics." Winick also added that this was a group effort, "GREEN LANTERN's 'Hate Crime' story comes from myself, artist Dale Eaglesham, our editor Bob Schreck, the folks at DC Comics who backed us 100%, and of course our readers. The support we've received has been an inspiration."

Winick also won the "Outstanding Comic" award in 2001 for his graphic novel Pedro and Me.

"This storyline has meant so much to myself, Judd and Paul Levitz, who supported us from the very beginning," says Schreck. "The greatest reward is knowing that perhaps, in some small way, this story has helped someone, somewhere. This award is a cherished reminder of that fact, and we're very honored."

The storyline is collected in the GREEN LANTERN: BROTHER'S KEEPER TP (APR030186), in stores today.

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