Green Lantern: Morrison Explains the Importance of Hal's Willpower

Out of all the heroes in the DC Universe, no one truly embodies the concept of willpower more than Hal Jordan, with his ability to overcome great fear being the reason he was chosen to become a Green Lantern. This, of course, is what fuels his power ring, but according to comic writer Grant Morrison, Hal’s own willpower is especially important in The Green Lantern.

In an interview with CBR, Morrison was asked if the formation of what was essentially a composite sigil in the series through contrasting threads was meant to serve as a meditation on willpower. In response, Morrison delved into his views regarding both Green Lantern and the concept of willpower, while also teasing that willpower might play a larger role in The Green Lantern’s upcoming "second season."

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"Well, yeah, ultimately I think that's what Green Lantern is about and we tried to do it subtly to make it about willpower and to explain what willpower is," Morrison explained. "I remember in Heroes in Crisis, Hal said he didn't remember what willpower was and, of course, he does. He uses it everyday, it's his job, and willpower is similar; the act of imagining something is so hard and making it real. That includes building a table, but if you got a Green Lantern ring, you can do it in seconds. That's what willpower is. So we really wanted to get into what willpower means and being able to manipulate that in a way Hal Jordan can, and become the big part of where we're going next."

The Green Lantern #12, by Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp, is now on sale from DC.

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