Green Lantern Goes Roller Coaster

While the Green Lantern comic franchise may already be at the top of DC Comics publishing universe and be set for upcoming appearances on both the big and small screen, the power ring-wielding superhero is still something of an unknown to non-comics fans. But next year, as the Ryan Reynolds "Green Lantern" movie prepares to power up the box office it appears that DC Entertainment has gotten one massive tie-in on tap for West Coast fans to check out.

As announced on the theme park's website, California's Six Flags Magic Mountain will welcome a new Green Lantern roller coaster in the summer of 2011. Featuring a 107-foot hill and 828-feet of track, the ride will feature a unique vertical ride path along with its spinning, star-like seating.

On top of that new ride, Magic Mountain will also refurbish its current Superman: The Escape ride with a new paint job and some track adjustments to allow it to run forwards and backwards. The ride will be rebranded "Superman: Escape From Krypton" for the 2011 season.

Check out computer simulations of what it will be like to ride both coasters below and then sound off on whether or not you'll be fearless enough to tackle the new GL ride on the CBR Message Boards!

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