Green Lanterns Just Introduced The First Ever Kryptonian GL


Since its debut, Green Lanterns has consistently one of DC Comics' best Rebirth-themed books and possibly the title with the biggest scope, spanning the entire multiverse and millions of years in its current story detailing the debuts of the first Green Lanterns and the rise of Volthoom. Over the course of the past few issues, we’ve been introduced to the first six Green Lanterns to ever sling a ring; in the most recent issue (by Sam Humphries, Eduardo Pansica, Julio Ferreira and Blond), we meet the seventh and final Green Lantern, and she’s from a very familiar and very important planet in the DC Universe.

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So far in Green Lanterns, we’ve met Alitha of the Galactica, a New God of the Third World; Z’krann Z’rann who is basically a White Martian Batman; Tyran’r of Tamaran, a warrior beast from when Starfire’s people were more barbaric; Kaja Dox of Yod-Colu; a supergenius repairwoman with some connection to the Brainiac dynasty; Calleen, a planet elemental of the same race as a very obscure Justice League villain and Brill, an artificial intelligence and forefather of the modern day Green Lantern, Stel.


All of the first Green Lanterns have some connection to the modern day DC Universe in one way or another, but the final member has perhaps the most significant link yet. In Green Lanterns #27, we’re introduced to Jan-Al of Krypton, a devotee of the god Rao and member of the first crew of explorers to depart Krypton for the wider galaxy. We’re told that Jan-Al means “Faith” in Kryptonese; specifically, faith in Rao. with Jan-Al’s guidance, the survivors of her crashed ship survive a hellish sandstorm which would have killed them if they had retreated to what seemed to be the safety of their shuttle.

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Jan-Al is deemed of sufficient willpower to join the newly formed Green Lantern Corps and is whisked away to the far-off planet Sol-3, or as we know it, Earth, where she meets her fellow Green Lanterns for the first time, along with the time-tossed Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz. However, after a message from Rami about the threat of Volthoom, the first Green Lanterns turn on each other, and Jan-Al’s decision in that battle leads to her ultimate fate.


Although we’ve only seen her for this one issue, it’s quickly established that she’s a firm believer in providence and attributes everything that’s happened which has kept her and her crew alive to the divine intervention of Rao. So when she witnesses the power of the Green Lantern rings, there’s no doubt in her mind; she needs to steal them. She attempts to overpower the other Lanterns in order to take their rings and bring them back to her crew, but discovers that these first-stage Green Lantern rings don’t have a safety feature later models do. Thus, Jan-Al’s overwhelming willpower causes the ring to overload... and incinerates her on the spot.

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